BYU Offers Bishop Dunne Product

The BYU coaching staff is deep in the heart of Texas looking for future wide receivers to take over the pass-catching reins down the road. They've evaluated two in the Dallas, Texas area from the same high school and have extended scholarship offers to both. One is A.D. Miller and the other is D'Erren Wilson, who would remind BYU fans of former Cougar Cody Hoffman, who's now in the NFL.

Playing football at Bishop Dunne Catholic School (TX), D'Erren Wilson is in the mold of former Cougar Cody Hoffman, who broke every career BYU receiving record, and is now signed with the NFL's Washington Redskins

"I'm 6'3 ½ and I'm hitting my growth spurt this summer so by the time the season starts I should be 6'4," said Wilson. "I weighed [in] yesterday and I weigh 181-pounds. I'm putting on weight and working out, so I should reach my goal this summer of 190. Right now I run a 4.5 in the forty."

Bishop Dunne Catholic School has two outstanding receivers on the flanks. Both play outside receiver and can stretch defenses vertically. One is Wilson and the other is A.D. Miller.

"With me and A.D. [Miller] on each side, defenses are not going to be able to stop both of us," said Wilson. "I'm going to be on one side and him on the other, so they're going to have to either double team me and leave him one-on-one or double team him and leave me one-on-one. We're just going to do work but we're going to be unstoppable."

Miller has also received a scholarship offer from BYU, and, according to Wilson, from 25 other universities as well.

"BYU offered him too about the same time I got offered, but he's basically got offers from everywhere," said Wilson. "He's got offers from BYU, Miami, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wake Forest. He just got offered by UConn and Tennessee yesterday, so I think he's up to around 26 offers."

Wilson's current offer count stands at seven with BYU being the latest school to throw their hat in the ring.

"I [have] seven offers so far," Wilson said. "I've got offers from the University of Memphis, Indiana, BYU, Louisiana-Monroe, Toledo, New Mexico State, and Stephen F. Austin. I'm also getting looks from Yale, UNT (North Texas), and I'm going to go to one of their camps, and I know Boise State and UConn are having a camp put together in Dallas and they invited me to that."

When it comes to BYU, Wilson says they are expressing a lot of interest in him by both showing and telling him how much they want him to suit up as a Cougar.

"I think BYU is really interested and they've been calling me," said Wilson. "Their head coach actually offered me a scholarship on the phone, so I know that was really cool and he's staying in touch with me. That's how I know BYU is really interested in me."

"I never really had BYU on my mind before. Then they just came down to my school and I ran some routes for them. Then later they offered me. They were telling me that I could come up there and play right now. I was like, ‘Yeah, that's really good because I'm trying to get on the field.' That's what I'm looking for is getting on the field, so I can get used to it and help BYU out."

The recruiting process with Wilson got started rather quickly thanks to BYU's Director of Player Personnel Geoff Martzen, who evaluated him and got the ball rolling with a moment's notice.

"Their recruiting coordinator [Geoff Martzen] and their defensive coach they had offered me first," said Wilson. "Then they had sent me an email saying that the head coach wanted to offer me too in his own words. I spoke to him at home and he was talking to me. Then he offered me. I was thinking, ‘Man, if they got the head coach offering me they must really want me.' It was a great occasion. It was special."

To have the chance to speak with Bronco Mendenhall and hear it from Coach Mendenhall's mouth that he was receiving a BYU scholarship offer was quite the honor for Wilson, who had never spoke to a collegiate head coach before.

"I was honored that he called me because I've never spoke to any of the head coaches from any of the schools that offered me, so that was really an honor for me," said Wilson. "He wanted to talk to me and so that made me feel really good. He was a cool dude on the phone, and that's something that I'm really looking for in a coach. I'm looking for a coach that I can have a great relationship with that can be cool like that, but at the same time when it's time to go to work it's time to be serious. He seems like that kind of a coach."

Coming from a Catholic high school, Wilson feels like BYU is a good fit for him knowing there are higher moral standards that reflect those of his own Christian faith. He also knows of BYU's high academic standards and that has added to the attraction.

"BYU has a [honor code] where you can't party and do all that stuff that goes on at other colleges, but that's not really what school is all about," said Wilson. "School's not about partying and all that so I don't have a problem with it. I know they play good football out there and academics-wise they're a great school, so if I don't go pro I have a backup plan, which is my education. I know they play good football out there because I've watched them. They had a replay of one of their games and my mom recorded it. I got to watch that."

When it comes to things he's looking for at the next level, Wilson has a few ideas. He wants to play at a college that throws the ball a lot and has quality quarterbacks in the program to air it out.

"I'm looking at their quarterbacks and how many receivers are there. Those are some of the things I'm looking at," said Wilson. "I'm also looking at the school from an educational standpoint and BYU's got that. I'm just looking at how soon I can get on the field, really."

Wilson has a few personal goals to accomplish this summer to prepare him for next season. He also wants to take a few unofficial visits out of state to get a better feel for some of the out of state colleges that have offered him. BYU might be one of those he attends but nothing has been set in stone yet.

"This summer I'm just trying to get stronger and faster," Wilson said. "I've been talking to my dad and we want to take a couple of unofficial visits this summer. I was going to try and go to a couple of colleges that offered me, because I'm not trying to stay in state. I want to get out of Texas, so that's why I'm trying to go to college out of Texas. I just want to see mountains, see beaches, see sand, and see something because I grew up in Texas. That's why I was thinking of taking some unofficial visits to some of the schools that offered out of the state."

If Wilson isn't able to make it out to BYU for an unofficial visit over the summer he does have plans on making BYU one of his official visits come autumn.

"I'm going to take an official visit to BYU. They haven't set it up for me yet, but I do want to take it in September," said Wilson. "They said that I have to take it during the month of September of my senior year. I guess there's a new rule now or something. They said you can only take official visits during September of your senior year. They weren't the only team that [mentioned it] either so it must be in the new rules." will continue to track Wilson's recruitment and follow up with him when his visit(s) get set up.

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