Arizona Gunslinger Interested in BYU

There's a LDS gunslinger in Arizona that many will hear more about in the near future. A dual-threat quarterback who put up some impressive numbers last season as only a sophomore, this Higley High School (AZ) product is getting early looks from a few Pac-12 colleges along with BYU.

Higley High School (Gilbert, AZ) quarterback Tyler Bloom is a prospect to keep an eye on. The southpaw quarterback has the size and athleticism suited for dual-threat offensive schemes at the collegiate level.

"I'm 6-5, 190-pounds and I play quarterback," said Bloom. "What I do well at the quarterback position is that I'm really good at picking apart the defense. I really enjoy doing that and love the challenge of picking apart defense. I'm good at knowing where to go with the ball pre-snap. I really enjoy that. I can throw the ball pretty deep and accurately. I'm also good at running the ball."

Although Bloom is 6-5 and can easily survey the field he isn't just a pocket passing quarterback. Higley High School runs a read-option offense where he has the option of running the ball, which is something Bloom is quite adept at.

"I think I can really move well in the pocket," Bloom said. "I've got some pretty good legs and if I have to run, I can run. We run a lot of option and if I have to get out of the pocket to run down field I can do that. I'm a dual-threat quarterback."

Bloom's 2013 season statistics are both admirable and impressive given his age.

"I threw for 2,709 yards and threw for 27 touchdowns," Bloom said. "I had 332 rushing yards and [added] five more touchdowns on the ground."

Totaling up Bloom's last season production he racked up 3,041 yards of total offense and 32 total touchdowns as a sophomore.

Bloom's expecting recruiting to pick up for his soon. He knows if he continues to work hard, both on and off the field, while continuing to do what he's been doing, colleges will eventually come calling.

"Yeah, I would say I'm kind of expecting it," said Bloom. "I just need to keep on the grind and keep doing what I'm doing. If I continue to work hard the recruiting process will take care of itself. I just have to stay focused and keep doing what I've been doing."

Four colleges have been in contact with Bloom early on in the process.

"I know [Arizona] wants to see me throw along with ASU and UCLA," said Bloom. "BYU does as well."

Over the summer Bloom wants to hit the road and go throw for a few colleges. He isn't planning on attending any summer camps this year, so he'll simply go out and throw for a few colleges that are showing early interest.

"I'm not going to any camps this year," Bloom said. "My plan was to go on unofficial visits this year and leave all the camp stuff [till] next year. I am going to go up to BYU to go throw for them this year. I'm also going to go to Utah and Utah State for an unofficial as well."

Last season Tyler, who is LDS, traveled out to a few BYU home games to take in the experience of college football in Provo. It was his first time visiting BYU and seeing a game live in LaVell Edwards Stadium.

"It was my first time going to a BYU game and I really liked the area and it's really nice," said Bloom. "I liked it. I really loved the stadium and it was wide open and loud. It was a great experience. I watched BYU play against Texas on TV."

Bloom has followed BYU football for a while now. His father attended Ricks College and even played there.

"I love BYU," Bloom said. "My dad went there and I've heard about the environment that's out there. I know the environment is great and I've been out there for a couple of games actually. I love the environment and I'm LDS and there's a lot of LDS kids out there."

While Bloom holds interest in his church college BYU, he hopes they take a serious look at him as a potential prospect for the future. For this LDS quarterback, looking play college football, BYU would be the perfect place.

"I'm really hoping that BYU recruits me because that would put me on the map," said Bloom. "My dad played at [Ricks College]. I know they have a great environment. I know that if I choose to go on a LDS mission, BYU will honor that [decision], so I'm hoping that BYU does recruit me."

"I think it would be a fantastic place to play football. I mean, if it's everything they say it is then in my mind it's one of the perfect places for me to play if I were ever able to go play there." will continue to monitor Tyler Bloom and report on how his unofficial visit to BYU goes, as well as how he plays as a junior in 2014.

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