BYU Gets Commit from Pittsburg Lineman

The BYU Cougars picked up another commit today. This time it's Pittsburg High School (CA) defensive lineman David Lui. Lui was offered a BYU scholarship earlier today by Bronco Mendenhall. He felt BYU was the right place for him to be so he committed to Coach Mendenhall on the spot.

Pittsburg High School (CA) defensive lineman David Lui popped onto the BYU radar earlier this offseason. That prompted a further evaluation by BYU Defensive Line Coach Steve Kaufusi, who flew out to California to take a closer look. Kaufusi invited Lui to attend BYU's summer camp, which he did. The rest is history.

"It started with Steve Kaufusi making a couple of visits to my high school," said Lui. "He was encouraging me to come to the camp, so we arrived here at BYU yesterday with our linebacker. Right after the first scrimmage, about three hours ago, they called my dad and told us to meet them in the coach's office."

Lui, along with his father, sat in Bronco Mendenhall's office listening to BYU's head coach explain the expectations of BYU. He then learned he was being offered a scholarship.

"I didn't know for sure that I was going to be offered but I was hoping," Lui said. "I walked into Coach Mendenhall's office and my heart was thumping. He asked me a lot of questions and thankfully I didn't give two year old answers. We sat down and talked about what the school is all about and the honor code and all that.

"I ended up getting an offer from Coach Mendenhall and so I committed. That was about an hour ago. I just felt that being at BYU was the right thing to do. Everything just fit in and everything fell right into place, so I just decided that I needed to commit right then and there. I'm really excited about what just happened!"

Lui, who is LDS and grew up following BYU due to family connections to the university, felt that a commitment to BYU, upon receiving an offer, was the right thing to do.

"I'm LDS and so I've always been looking at going to a LDS school," said Lui. "I've always liked BYU ever since I was little. All my aunties and uncles went to BYU and my dad went to BYU, so I want to continue the tradition by doing the same. That's why I committed to BYU."

Lui has two other scholarship offers currently, one from Hawaii and the other from Weber State. More could have been on the horizon as schools have just begun taking a closer look at Lui.

"Only two other schools had offered me," said Lui. "Weber State and Hawaii both offered me and I have other schools taking a close look at me but just haven't offered yet. School taking a closer look at me are Cal Poly, UC Davis, Fresno State, Colorado State, Arizona, Northern Arizona, Arizona State, Nevada, Washington State, and Portland State."

Now that BYU's camp has concluded, Lui will travel to the University of Utah where he will participate in a camp there this Saturday.

"Ironically I'm actually going out to the Utah camp on Saturday," said Lui with a chuckle in his voice. "I'll be heading out there to compete at that camp."

Would Lui listen to other schools should they come in with scholarship offers?

"In my mind I would have to turn other colleges away now that I'm committed to BYU," Lui said. "I pretty much made up my mind when I committed to Coach Mendenhall that I'm [going] to BYU."

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