Coppell Running Back Recieves BYU Offer

Charles West of Coppell High School (TX) recently received a scholarship offer prior to camping at BYU. Today, BYU extended a second scholarship offer to his teammate who also plays running back, but is a member of the 2016 class. It's not often that two players that play the same position at the same school receive scholarship offers from the same university. That's exactly what happened today.

After his camp performance at BYU earlier this week, Coppell (TX) running back Brandon Rice received a scholarship offer from Bronco Mendenhall and BYU today. Rice, who is a 2016 prospect, is excited about the opportunity to play football at BYU if he so chooses.

"I'm just out here doing my thing," Rice said. "I'm really grateful and excited about this opportunity. It kind of came as a surprise to me. I was doing really well at the camp and showing my ability and working hard. I guess I impressed [the coaches] enough to get the offer."

BYU Running Backs Coach Mark Atuaia pulled both Charles West and Rice aside during camp and worked them out. Coach Atuaia put Rice through a string of drills at a rapid pace to test more than just his athletic ability.

"I was working out with the running backs coach and they pulled me and Charles [West] to the side to do some drills and stuff," said Rice. "They worked us on drills and tested our hearts and stuff. Everything [else fell in line] after that."

When Rice decided to come out to BYU to attend the camp it was his goal to earn a scholarship offer. He missed his Coppell's spring camp and wasn't able to be evaluated by college coaches attending practices at that time. Now that the summer has rolled around, it was his goal to make a showing. At BYU he did just that and now has his first scholarship offer.

"I missed spring camp so I knew that I had to come out here and play my best and show my abilities," said Rice. "That's what I did. I got an offer from BYU. I'm really excited about it and so is my mom."

Prior to receiving the offer, Rice was called into Coach Mendenhall's office where a more thorough expectation of what it takes to get an offer from BYU was given. After a brief discussion Coach Mendenhall extended a BYU scholarship offer to Rice.

"Coach Mendenhall said, ‘Yeah, we've been watching you and think you fit our program,'" Rice said. "He went over the standards of the school and what the expectations are. Then after we went over all the honor code stuff that's when Coach Mendenhall offered me the scholarship."

Rice only totaled around 500 yards last season at the varsity level, but that is primarily because he was brought up to the varsity team by Coppell Head Coach Mike DeWitt half way through the season. After having a big impact in his first game, Rice was a featured staple in Coppell's backfield for the rest of the season.

"I'm 5-11, 205-pounds and scored around 10 touchdowns last season," said Rice. "I only played in five games because I was a sophomore coming up. I was only allowed to play in that fourth of fifth game of the season. After that I was able to play the rest of the season."

Rice now joins his teammate and fellow running back Charles West in receiving BYU scholarship offers. The two have discussed playing together at the next level.

"It's really cool and we're talking about [potentially playing together] right now," said Rice with a chuckle in his voice. "This is a great opportunity for us and we're both really excited and will keep competing. We're both pretty excited about it."

Once Rice returns home to Texas a follow-up and more thorough report on his BYU camp experience will be given. Stay tuned to for that in coming days.

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