Fehoko Garners Dream Offer from BYU

Brighton High School (UT) prospect Simi Fehoko had an outstanding week at the BYU summer camp. He was rewarded for his showing with a scholarship offer to play for Brigham Young University. The rangy receiver considers it to be a dream offer.

Coming in at 6‘4", 180-pounds, Simi Fehoko is a big target in the mold of former BYU Cougar Cody Hoffman who broke every receiving record at BYU. Fehoko has been in contact with BYU for some time now but was excited to attend BYU's camp.

"I'm about 6-4 right now and weight about 180," Fehoko said. "I had a good season last year, but we did lose to Bingham in the end. We have a really good team with Sione Heimuli-Lund and a bunch of other guys. We had a good team last year, but I'm not sure what my stats where though.

"I had been in contact with BYU now, but we've been planning on coming to the camp since January. I was just excited to get out here and play football. They have been recruiting me to play wide receiver, so during the camp I was doing some wide receiver drills. They liked what I was doing during the wide receiver drills."

Simi Fehoko, along with his parents, was called in to speak with Bronco Mendenhall in his office. With his family sitting by his side, Fehoko received a scholarship offer from Coach Mendenhall.

"I had the chance to go meet with Coach Bronco Mendenhall," Fehoko said. "I had a chance to meet with him and my parents where there with us. He said he liked what they had seen in me and offered me a scholarship. My parents were so happy for me it really was a great experience for all of us."

At first the young receiver was a bit nervous to speak with Coach Mendenhall, feeling BYU's head coach was a bit intimidating. However, Coach Mendenhall quickly dispelled any negative feeling Fehoko may have had.

"I was excited to go see him but at the same time I was a bit scared, you know?" said Fehoko. "I've always had this thing in my head that Bronco is a scary guy, but he's a nice guy and just told me how he had been watching me.

"After he offered me the first thing that goes through my mind is excitement. I was just so excited and my parents were excited. They were excited about me getting the offer and having hope in me and the younger generation."

Fehoko's offer from BYU ranks among the tops on his list. The reason is Fehoko comes from a strong LDS family where faith and education is heavily emphasized. For those reasons, BYU has always been a dream school for Simi Fehoko.

"Yeah, obviously BYU is a top school academically and in sports," Fehoko said. "When BYU offered me I was so excited about the offer because it's a top prestigious school and a dream school for me. I plan on going on my mission after high school, so for BYU to offer me a scholarship and a chance to go serve a mission then come home and play is a big opportunity for me. It really is a dream come true for me."

BYU Receivers Coach Guy Holliday, along with others on the staff, had been keeping tabs on Fehoko leading up to his being offered.

"I was getting in touch with Coach Holliday and he was the one that was recruiting me while at the camp," said Fehoko. "He's the one recruiting me as a wide receiver, so I've been in touch with Holliday, (Kelly) Poppinga, and Coach Mendenhall from BYU."

Fehoko has established a close relationship with Coach Holliday and after working out with him during the BYU camp understands just how great of a wide receivers coach he truly is.

"He's a great coach and the best coach I've ever had," said Fehoko. "He's that good. I've never had a coach like him before. He'll push you to your limits to see where you're at and then he'll push you a little further to make you even better than you thought you could be. He's just a great man and coach and I really like him a lot."

With the offer from BYU, Fehoko now holds three scholarship offers. Although he now has an offer from his dream school BYU, he's not planning on making a decision until later.

"I have one from Clemson, one from Utah, and now one from BYU," said Fehoko. "I'm still kind of young and I'm going to ride out the process a little. I'm going to wait till my senior year probably, but this offer from BYU is a top notch offer. It's my dream school and on top of my list. It's obviously a dream school to go to for me. I was trying hard to get that offer at the camp and I did, so I'm really happy that I got my offer from BYU."

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