BYU Offer a Dream Come True for Jensen

BYU has offered a third Brighton High School (UT) football star. The first was middle linebacker Sione Hemuli-Lund (2017), the second wide receiver Simi Fehoko (2016). Now, do-everything Bengal athlete Drew Jensen (2016) is the next Brighton athlete to garner a BYU offer. The scholarship offer from BYU was a dream come true for Jensen.

Coming in at 6'3", 195-pounds, and playing both offense and defense, Brighton High School (UT) athlete Drew Jensen has received his first scholarship to play college football at BYU.

"That's about as exciting as it gets right there," said Jensen with excitement in his voice. "We had our Brighton practices from seven to nine in the morning and then I would go to BYU and their camp sessions every day [last week]. I would work out with Coach (Nick) Howell and Coach (Kelly) Poppinga. [I worked out with them till] last Wednesday. Thursday I didn't have anything going on, but then I went back up and worked out with Coach Howell again on Friday."

On Friday during BYU's Junior Day, Jensen worked out with Coach Howell who apparently had seen enough. Jensen was asked to go on a campus tour and to later meet with Bronco Mendenhall. That's when the offer was extended.

"I worked out with Coach Howell during junior day a little more. Then they took me aside and said they wanted to talk to me a little more and take me on a campus tour. They took us through all that and then about 5 PM I went in and talked to Coach Mendenhall. That's when he offered me."

Jensen wasn't expecting a BYU offer when he arrived at BYU's Junior Day. He still has two years left to play at the high school level. While visiting with Coach Mendenhall the offer surprised Jensen so much that he broke down in tears.

"I actually was not really expecting it any time soon to be honest with you," said Jensen. "I just thought I was just going to go in there for a talk. He pulled out a piece of paper and had me read a paragraph from it. It said something like, ‘Dear future Cougar, we're offering you a full ride scholarship…' That's when I looked down and started crying. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was being offered a scholarship by Coach Mendenhall to play football at BYU. It was just an amazing moment for me. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life."

Drew's father was also in the meeting with Coach Mendenhall when the offer was extended.

"I was there with my dad and he was so proud of me," said Jensen. "He was just as happy as I was. It was just a great experience for me and my dad."

When asked, Jensen couldn't guess as to what the exact reason BYU offered him but he ventured a couple of guesses.

"You know, I don't really know," Jensen said with a laugh. "I just went up there every day of the week I could make it. I just showed them that I had heart and love the game. I showed them that I would do anything to play it."

When it comes to heart Jensen has plenty of it. Jensen broke his wrist just before in the 2013 season started but played the rest of the season with the injury. As a freshman, Jensen started as Brighton's quarterback and was named to the honorable mention All-Conference team. He also finished 6th in the state of Utah in throwing the javelin as a freshman. One reason could be simply he's an outstanding athlete possessed of BYU character.

"I started out at quarterback my freshman year, and then going into my sophomore year I broke my wrist right before the season but didn't find out until later on," said Jensen. "I had to get surgery and [get it fixed]. I went back and played and they just kind of put me on special teams. They saw what I could and couldn't do with a cast on, and really the only thing I couldn't do was throw the ball. That's when they decided to put me at receiver. I was tall enough to go up and get every ball that was near me. I didn't have a single dropped ball despite having a cast on.

"On defense we actually have a starting free safety in Simi Fehoko. I would go in and switch with him a little bit at the safety position. I was more the run stopper. Simi is really quick and fast so he [played more defending] the pass. I would go in and play there once in a while or play what we call the ‘Dog' position. It's an outside linebacker position we have on our defense. I would go in and curl the flats to defend against the pass. I would make stops on the outside.

"[I also] played a little bit of cornerback as well to run with the receivers. If there was a player that needed to be covered I would play a man-to-man coverage against that player. I did just about everything."

Due to Drew Jensen's athleticism and versatility, Brighton coaches don't have an established position for him. Heading into 2014, he'll be used wherever the team needs him more. That could be anywhere from outside linebacker, to safety, to wildcat QB, or wide receiver.

"I don't think right now at Brighton there is an established position for me," said Jensen. "They're expecting me to carry the ball 25 times a game and catch the ball at least 15 times a game. They also want me to start on defense. I think I'm going to start at the outside linebacker position. Then just depending on the situation in the game I can go back to safety, or I can come back to outside linebacker."

Jensen mentioned to's Mountain Region Analyst Doug Kimmel that the Brighton coaches have high goals for him and will use him in various positions to accomplish their season goals.

"I feel like my first few years of high school ball were pretty good, but I am preparing for my best season in 2014," Jensen told Doug Kimmel in a previous interview. "My coaches challenged [me] to score 20 touchdowns this year, and that's now my goal. I will be playing some wildcat QB, receiver, and running back, outside linebacker, strong safety, and cornerback. I don't really care where I play. I just want to help my team win games. I found out the other day that my team voted me as a team captain so I need to step my game up. Being a leader is a big focus for me this offseason."

The coaches of BYU know exactly where they plan on using him if he chooses to come to BYU.

"I'm actually working out with Coach Howell right now," said Jensen. "He want's me as a safety and Coach Mendenhall wants me as a safety, so they offered me to be either a free or a strong safety in their defense."

Jensen is a member of the LDS Church and grew up a fan of BYU football for a few reasons.

"It's been a dream ever since I was a kid actually," said an excited Jensen. "My sister dated a former BYU player, Mike Hague, and he's a great guy. I have cousins that go to BYU. The Emery [brothers], Jackson and Nick, go to BYU. Jackson went there and Nick is going there after his mission. I'm just a huge BYU fan and it meant the world to me to get this offer from Coach Mendenhall to play for BYU. It's just a dream come true for me."

While getting an offer from BYU is on the dream list of many top LDS athletes, the reason why BYU is Jensen's dream school stems from something deeper than just familial connections to the school.

"Everything about BYU is what makes this offer a dream come true for me," Jensen said. "The standards that are there are awesome, the campus is just amazing, the coaches are just unbelievable and care so much for you. They're always there to talk to you and make sure you're okay. When I had my surgery on my wrist they called me to make sure I was okay and see how I was doing. They just made me feel like I was loved. On top of that the morals and standards that are promoted by them to the world, and by the university, are just amazing. BYU is a unique place, so to get that offer from them is unreal."

Now that Drew Jensen has become the third member of Brighton High School to receive a BYU offer, does this increase the chances that all three could end up wearing the blue and white of BYU?

"Yeah, we've actually had a couple of people ask us about that," said Jensen with a laugh. "I think it's really going to come down to what's right for each of us. It could happen. I think that would be a really cool thing for three guys who played together at Brighton to go to the same school. That would be cool for us."

Interestingly enough, all three Brighton players-Drew Jensen, Sione Hemuli-Lund, and Simi Fehoko-have said that BYU was their dream school.

"Sione is [part of the 2017 class] and me and Simi and I are both 2016 recruits," said Jensen. "You never know what could happen, but there is always a possibility that we could all end up there as well. You never know and we'll have to wait and see."

Along with Jensen, BYU also offered another safety prospect out of Alta High School this past week as well. Quinn Fabrizio joins Drew Jensen as safety prospects recruited to join BYU's stout defense.

"Me and Quinn [Fabrizio] know each other and sat in the meeting together when we were at BYU," said Jensen. "He's a stud and I've actually played with him at the Barton camps. He's a nice kid and a stud athlete too."

Even though the offer from BYU is a dream come true for Jensen he's going to take his time with the recruiting process. He'll make the final call when he feels the time is right.

"I'm going to take this offer by BYU into a really deep consideration," said Jensen. "I think I'm going to kind of let it ride out. I still have two seasons to play up at Brighton, so I'm going to focus on winning championships up at Brighton. When the time comes then I'll sit down and really think about what I need to do." will continue to monitor Drew Jensen's play in the upcoming 2014 season and update you on any other recruiting news about him.

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