Wilstead Is A Cougar

The Pine View (UT) gunslinger felt most at home with BYU, making his decision simple.

Kody Wilstead is one of the best quarterbacks to come out of Utah in 2015. You could make an argument that he has more upside than any other QB in his class. Wilstead is a shade under 6-6 and weighs 215 pounds. His arm is amongst the strongest I have seen over the past few years in the Beehive State. Wilstead can flick his wrist and the ball is 50 yards down field. Wilstead will go on a mission, but when he returns BYU is getting a very good football player.

"When it came down to it, BYU just felt like the best option for my future," Wilstead explained. "From an athletic standpoint as well as my personal life, I think it is just a good fit. I thought about it with my family, and I thought about it a lot myself, and I came to the realization that no other school could really change my mind on that. When that thought popped into my mind, I realized I should just commit."

A lot of people may scratch their heads, thinking that Wilstead doesn't fit into the BYU system. Taysom Hill is an elite athlete, that can make a lot happen with his feet. There's no doubt about that, but Wilstead is a great athlete himself. He has led the state in rebounding twice in basketball, could probably pursue baseball in college, and has put up video-game like numbers at quarterback.

"BYU told me they will change their offense to whoever the best quarterback is," Wilstead claimed. "They know I don't fit like Taysom, but they'll do whatever it takes to win. Even if that involves changing the offense. I think that is pretty cool, and shows they are confident in my abilities."

Relationships were huge for the Wilstead family, after BYU offered, nobody connected with them like the Cougars did. Louisville offered him Wilstead, but once Charlie Strong and his staff left for Texas, that relationship deteriorated. San Diego State was another school going after Wilstead hard for a while, but after receiving a QB transfer from Oregon, that relationship fell apart as well. BYU was consistent with Wilstead and that was important.

"Coach Hadley (Preston), Coach Beck (Jason), and Coach Tidwell (Paul) were all huge in my recruiting process," Wilstead said. "Those relationships were instrumental in my commitment. Preston, in particular, was huge in the recruiting process. He was like a big brother to me in some ways."

Wilstead put up some big numbers last year, and made some big throws in the clutch. Through three years of high school football, Wilstead has thrown 59 touchdowns. Accuracy has been an issue at times, he has thrown 37 career interceptions as well, but this spring that problem looks like it may be solved. Wilstead has been on point during various 7 on 7 tournaments and has been making much better decisions.

"My height and throwing ability are my two biggest strengths right now," Wilstead stated. "I am a lot more mobile than people think, I am not going to run all over you, but I am very capable of extending plays and making things happen down field. I am committed to working as hard as I possibly can and to become as good as I possibly can. I just can't wait to join the Cougars officially."

Wilstead's dad, Randy, played baseball for BYU in the late 80's, and had a fantastic experience there. The Wilstead family could be a nice pipeline into Provo, the youngest, Logan (12) is also a great athlete and potentially a future Cougar.

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