Jonah Moi Offered by BYU

Last Saturday, the BYU coaching staff was down in Redlands, California assisting coaches from the University of Redlands during a Bulldog Football Skills Camp. There were football prospects from all over the Inland Empire in attendance; one even received a full ride scholarship from BYU.

After performing in front of the University of Redlands and BYU coaches under the hot sun of Southern California, the Bulldog Football Skills Camp performers gathered together to listen to closing remarks by the University of Redlands' coaching staff.

When the staff finished their camp, which BYU was privy to be a part of, the kids scattered talking to one another. Standing among the campers was Jonah Moi, who was handed a phone by a BYU assistant coach. When he got off the phone he was all smiles.

"I had been communicating with Coach (Nick) Howell earlier this season," said Moi who comes in at 6'3", 245-pounds and plays outside linebacker. "I just got offered after having to [play the] waiting game. Man, it feels good. I finally got that weight off my shoulders."

Moi was offered a BYU football scholarship by BYU Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall. His demeanor and countenance changed from one being tired from performing rigorous drills under the tutelage of Coach Kelly Poppinga to one energized with new life upon receiving word of his offer.

"Coach Mendenhall told me he was offering me a scholarship, and that to me is very exciting," said Moi. "Now I just need to talk it over with my parents and then I think it's a go. BYU is a great school and I'm LDS. This is a big weight off my shoulders. I'm feeling more than blessed!"

Out of high school, Moi was evaluated but never offered by any FBS schools. He set to sign with Western New Mexico but was talked out of it by a family friend [Petelo Hifo] who said he had D1 talent. The decision to go the JUCO route was made.

"I did get some looks but they all backed off at the last minute and no one ever offered me," Moi said. "No D1 school offered and I was going to go to a division two school Western New Mexico. Coach Hifo was telling me that I had potential to play division one so I went the junior college route."

The gamble to forgo a division two school scholarship has paid off for Moi tenfold.

"Oh yeah it did because now I have an offer from BYU," said Moi. "I was offered by UH (University of Hawaii), but now I have an offer from BYU. This is just awesome and it was worth it. My parents always said that one way to get an education is to get a scholarship to go to school. I always had the mindset that I would go to school, get an education, and then take care of the family."

"I just now need to go home and talk to my parents about what's going on. I'm pretty sure BYU has already talked to my parents about my scholarship and all that, and I'm pretty sure they think it's a better option than Hawaii. I know my family is really happy about this and I just need to talk it over with them."

Stay tuned Cougar fans. It sounds like a decision from Moi on attending BYU could be imminent. will have the latest for you if and when Jonah Moi does make a decision regarding BYU.

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