Riley Burt Pulls Trigger & Commits to BYU

It didn't take long after he was offered to make a final decision. Box Elder High School star, and two-way athlete, Riley Burt decided to make it official yesterday [July 7th] by letting Nick Howell and Bronco Mendenhall know that he intends to ink his name on a National Letter of Intent next February and attend BYU.

Coming in at around 6’2”, 190-pounds with 10.95 second 100-meter speed, Riley Burt received his first scholarship offer in late June from BYU. Fast forward a couple of weeks and he's made up his mind. He's going to be a Cougar.

"I just thought it was the right thing to do and could just see myself playing in that stadium [LaVell Edwards Stadium]," said Burt. "I don't know; it just felt right to commit [yesterday] so I did. I just thought it was the best school for me, and my parents thought it was the best school for me, so I picked them."

Deciding yesterday was the day, Burt, who admitted he was a little nervous, called up Nick Howell to give him the good news.

"I called up Coach Howell first and got Coach (Bronco) Mendenhall's number," Burt said. "We talked for a little while and what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do college. Coach Howell was really excited and he's been waiting for awhile. He was really excited and was talking about how he could play me at all these different positions. He's just really excited about me coming in and playing."

Coach Howell wasn't the only one excited about Burt’s decision to play football at BYU.

"Yeah, I'm really excited and my whole family is excited. I don't know, I was just speechless and got all the butterflies again [but] I was ready."

After speaking with Coach Howell, Burt then dialed up Coach Mendenhall. After a few rings, Bronco picked up and the two sparked up a conversation.

"Coach Mendenhall was also pretty excited and said he wasn't sure where [he wanted me] to play yet. He said he could see me playing either [side of the ball]. Honestly, I don't really care where I play. They're both good to me. I'm just excited!"

Coach Mendenhall parted with a few words of wisdom prior to the two hanging up.

"He said, 'Keep working hard and you'll be good,'" Burt said. "Yeah, he just told me to keep it up and keep working hard, which is what I'm going to do."

Now that he's committed to become a BYU Cougar, Burt feels he can't become complacent. Now is the time to work even harder than before to become bigger, stronger, and faster in preparation for the future.

"I’m preparing for it right now," he said. "I have to be prepared for those big teams that BYU has on their future schedule(s). I know now is the time to work hard and prepare myself for the next level. I know all the other recruits are too, so I just have to be ready."

In closing, Burt had one final comment in which he wanted to extend a shout-out to Cougar Nation.

"I just want to say it feels great!" Burt said with a chuckle in his voice. "I'm a Cougar and I'm ready to go to BYU!"

BYU fans around the world are excited to have him and Riley Burt is ready to be a BYU Cougar. Stay tuned to to get the latest on Riley Burt and other members of BYU’s 2015 recruiting class.

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