D'Erren Wilson Explains the Waiting Game

Texas prep receiver D'Erren Wilson has narrowed down to a list of three schools from a pool of nine offers. The 6-3, 175-pound receiver from Greenville, Texas was going to make a final decision on where he wanted to commit recently but decided to put it off for a little longer.

Not long ago D’Erren Wilson had everyone on pins and needles after he announced via Twitter that he would soon be making a final commitment decision. After mulling it over, he decided to postpone things for a while longer.

He does, however, have a top three of schools he’s considering, having whittled down his list from nine offers.

"My top three in no particular order right now are BYU, Arkansas State, and Indiana," Wilson said. "Those are the schools that I've decided to choose from."

There is a common thread that runs through each of these three universities that has caught Wilson's eye. First up, Wilson gives a rundown on what he likes about the Arkansas State program.

"I like their offense, how they move the ball and everything, and compete within their conference [as well]," said Wilson. "I like their jerseys and everything and they have a fast-paced offense."

Next up on Wilson's list: BYU. BYU has a rich tradition of passing the ball and is one the pioneering schools to emply the downfield passing game. So, what does Wilson like about BYU that has allowed the program to make the cut?

"Well, BYU throws the ball a lot as well and that's something that caught my eye," Wilson said. "They also send their receivers into the NFL too, which I like. Also, I know I can come up there and play early. They're a good program and I've seen how they beat Texas. I mean, it's a good school as far as academics go, and they play some ball up there. That's what I like about BYU."

Last but not least the University of Indiana. Indiana is a team that is also adept to throwing the ball well.

"I like that Indiana is in the Big 10," Wilson said. "They also throw the ball a lot and are number one in the Big 10 for throwing the ball and passing. Really that's it [on Indiana]."

As mentioned before, the common thread Wilson sees in his top three choices is the fact the universities he's selected simply distribute the ball around the field a lot.

"Yeah, I would say that's it pretty much," he said. “I would say that and playing early."

The next question is, "Which of the three schools meets his last criteria of being able to play early?"

"I would say BYU," Wilson said.

While college recruiters will have to wait a while longer to find out who wins the D'erren Wilson sweepstakes, it shouldn't be too much longer. He's planning on making a final decision prior to the start of his senior year.

"I'm going to make a final decision before school starts," Wilson said. "I'll probably make a final decision in August or right about there. That's kind of what I was thinking of doing."

Stay tuned BYU fans. We’ll have the latest for you on TotalBlueSports.com when D’Erren Wilson makes a final decision.

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