Britain Covey Breaks Down His Suitors

Timpview High School prospect Britain Covey has already made up his mind which state he’ll play in. The problem is he isn’t quite sure which college within that state he’ll play for. He breaks down the three options he has and why appeals to him about the programs

It’s come down to three schools for Timpview High School (Provo, UT) athlete Britain Covey. The contenders are Utah, BYU, and Utah State. Utah was the first to offer Covey of the two and he’s established great relationships with the coaches from the Utes football program. However, BYU is a school in which is his family has history with, is located right in his own backyard, and is a school his family cheers for. Utah State has also made in-roads and remains in the mix. Naturally, Covey is torn.

“Yeah, exactly,” Covey said concerning his personal tug-of-war. “That’s why I’m kind of just focusing on Timpview football right now, which is kind of nice. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve just been focusing on football and it’s going well.”

While Covey is still mulling over what college he’ll play for, he knows one thing is certain. That is he’ll stay in the state of Utah to play his college ball.

“I’m probably going to stay in state. In fact, I’m pretty confident that I will stay in state,” said Covey. “I would like to play in front of my family. That’s always been a dream and that would be awesome, but Utah established that connection with me early.”

What Covey is currently experiencing is what most young 17 to 19 year old football recruits go through on a yearly basis. The building of relationships is an easy part of the process, but the severing of those relationships is hard to do.

“That’s the problem with the recruiting process,” Covey said with a sigh. “You establish all of these personal relationships with all these coaches, so you want to make the decision for yourself. I love a lot of coaches at all three in-state schools. They’ve all been great in their process. Now it’s just up to me in deciding what’s best for me.”

Often times what’s forgotten about during the recruiting process is that the burden these young men often feel to not let the colleges coaches down in whom they’ve built a relationship with. What is also often lost is that today’s recruits aren’t usually the first to tell a coach that he’s going someplace else.

“Yeah, I just have to do what’s best for me,” Covey said. “I have to figure out what options I have that are best for me rather than let it be about the coaches.”

Athletes have to take advantage of what their scholarships offer them based on what they feel is best for them, rather than committing to a program based on a relationship with a college coach. The question now is when will Covey make a final decision?

“I don’t really have a time frame but, more or less, when I feel confident [I'll make an announcement],” said Covey. “It has to be on my time frame and when I feel comfortable. That’s pretty much how I’m going to handle it. I don’t really have a specific time, but I’ll just do it when I feel ready and comfortable in making a final decision.”

Stay tuned Cougar fans! will bring you the latest on Britain Covey's recruitment and report when he decides to make a commitment.

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