Nick Howell Talks Secondary Progress

Nick Howell shared some quick insight into a few players coming up in the defensive secondary at BYU. He talks about the progress of players such as Michael Shelton, Kai Nacua, and Trent Trammell. Also included is a video of Trent Trammell talking about his progress.

Most of the starting players, or should be starting players, in the BYU secondary are currently on the second team defense. Jordan Johnson is on the second team at the field cornerback, while Robertson Daniels is at the boundary position.

The secondary has seen a lot of players switching around in an effort to find the right combination of players. A lot of young players have had an opportunity to shine. BYU Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell explained why all the movement is happening.

“We’ve got a lot of young guys that are playing well,” Howell said. “We have Michael Shelton playing well, Kai Nacua is playing well, and Trent (Trammell) is starting to come along a little more as of late.”

Cornerback Trent Trammell is now starting to emerge as a force in the backfield and has been playing on the second team.

“Yeah, he’s learning the [defense] and learning how to play hard and figuring things out,” Howell said. “He’s doing some good things.”

Michael Davis made a nice play today stepping in front of the pass to pick off a Taysom Hill throw intended for Ross Apo. Davis is slowly emerging but needs more time to polish up on some technique given the coverage.

“He’s doing well. He’s a little bit rusty but picking up where he left off [from 2013],” said Howell. “He’s doing some good things. He’s not 100 percent assignment sound all the time, so he’s just kind of learning what techniques to use for what coverage. He’s playing hard and he’s fast, so that’s part’s good.”

Cougar Cam: Trent Trammell

Cornerback Trent Trammell talks about the secondary and the work that is in progress. He also gives his thoughts on a few players making some noise in the backfield among other topics. To watch the Trammell video click the link below.

Trammell Video

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