Cougar Cam: Jamaal Williams

When Devon Blackmon signed with BYU he was reunited with an old friend in Jamaal Williams. Williams talked about their reunion and what it’s been like. He also gives insight into the pass protection schemes and what the running backs have been working on. Included is also a video of Williams talking about the team’s movie night.

Jamaal Williams and Devon Blackmon were close friends growing up in California. Things became more lighthearted once Williams and Blackmon reunited as teammates at BYU. The two have been enjoying their time in Provo together.

“It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of joking around,” Williams said. “Ever since he (Blackmon) came here, it’s been funnier. He’ll be in a serious moment and then he’ll come out and say something funny and I’ll just laugh. It’s just ridiculous but I’m glad that he’s here, and just having somebody that you’ve known for a long time at the same place as you is tremendous, and I’m grateful that he’s here.”

As a wide receiver, Blackmon has been steadily growing within the Cougar offense. He’s picking up the schemes well and that’s because, according to Williams, of his humility and hard work.

“Just pretty much him being humble and disciplined,” Williams said of Blackmon. “If he does something wrong he doesn’t dwell on it. He just accepts it and keeps going on and playing well. I haven’t seen anything hold him down for nothing. He’s doing a tremendous job.”

An emphasis in practice for the running backs in fall camp has been the pass protection schemes. The backs have put in a lot of time developing the chemistry between them and the offensive line.

“Yeah it’s happening, it’s happening,” said Williams. “Right now we’re just blocking more than we are running at this point. The blocking schemes are getting better, and everyone is really blocking well.

“The running backs are doing our own thing and the linemen are getting a lot better, so we don’t have to be in there long and are more of a check down. The lineman are improving since day one and we’re getting better and better.”

When it comes to pass protection, the backs will stay in as long as they can in order to make sure the first reads for the quarterbacks can be made. To know when to break out of protection and get into their routes as a check down option is the tricky part.

“Yeah, we have to stay in and help,” said Williams. “This year we’re going to get a lot of check downs. I feel like a lot of the linebackers are going to be dropping back deep covering all the wide receivers and are going to forget about us. We’ll be running arrows (routes), check swings and that stuff. It’s going to give us a great opportunity.”

That means knowing what routes to take based on knowing what coverage the defense is in prior to breaking out of pass protection containment.

“It’s something that all of our running backs and I have to work on; our option routes,” Williams said. “We also want to pay more attention to what the defense is doing. We want to know and be able to read what the defense is doing like if they’re in a cover two or cover three. We just need to know what we can or cannot do in those certain situations. We’ve been getting better and better at it though.”

Although fall camp is halfway done, there is still enough time to polish up on technique and position responsibilities. And although he won’t be playing against UConn, Williams is still happy he has more time in fall camp to get better.

“I’m excited to use the rest of our time,” Williams said. “We’ll be ready no matter what. This is the time to improve and get our skills ready to show.”

Cougar Cam: Jamaal Williams

Jamaal Williams talks about movie night with the team and even gives BYU fans a look into who he thinks which of the Teenage Ninja Turtles fellow teammates Adam Hine, Paul Lasike, and Algernon Brown are the most like.

RB Jamaal Williams

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