Cougar Cam: Mitch Mathews

Mitch Mathews looks to make a big splash this year stretching defenses and catching passes this season. He’s had an outstanding fall camp as one of Taysom Hill’s primary receivers. Mathews is BYU’s version of former Notre Dame wide receiver, and now MLB ace pitcher, Jeff Samardzija.

When you have a tall receiver, say in the 6-foot-6 range, that can not only catch but run like a deer you have something special. That’s what BYU has in junior pass catcher Mitch Mathews, who has been lighting it up throughout fall camp.

Often times it seems unfair for the smaller cornerbacks to have to defend the size of receivers like Mathews or Nick Kurtz; BYU’s version of the twin towers. Tall targets like Mathews even scare veteran defensive coordinators like Coach Bronco Mendenhall. Mathews went in front of the camera to talk about the receivers and many other topics.

Mitch Mathews Video

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