Fehoko Recaps BYU Unofficial Visit

There was a contingent of Brighton High School (UT) stars attending BYU’s scrimmage last Friday at LaVell Edwards Stadium. One was tall receiver prospect Simi Fehoko who enjoyed his day hanging with his high school teammates down at BYU. He came away impressed with BYU’s team as well.

BYU is in the mix for some highly talented in-state prospects in the next few recruiting classes. Four of them from Brighton High School (Salt Lake City, UT) made their way down to Provo to attend BYU’s scrimmage under the lights at LaVell Edwards Stadium last Friday night.

“I went down with Sione Heimuli-Lund, Drew Jensen, and Jackson Kaufusi,” said Simi Fehoko. “We were all down there together and it was a lot of fun.”

The on-campus experience for the Bengal four started out with attending team meetings. Two attended with Nick Howell while the other two were paired with Paul Tidwell.

“It was really nice,” he said. “We all started out attending some player meetings and we all talked to the coaches out there. We went to a defensive meeting and were able to attend that. Drew and I went to Coach Howell’s meeting, and Jackson and Sione went to Tidwell’s meeting. It was nice. They treated us like family and it went really well out there.”

Despite attending a defensive team meeting with Coach Howell, Fehoko is projected to play on the offensive side of the ball at the next level. He would have attended an offensive team meeting with the BYU offensive coaching staff but they were out on the field.

“I’m more of an offensive player and that’s what I’ll play in college, but BYU’s offense went out to do some walk-through stuff,” Fehoko said. “That’s why I didn’t go to any offensive team meeting stuff with Coach Anae or anything like that.”

Following the team meetings the Brighton foursome went down to LaVell Edwards Stadium to get ready to watch the action on the field. They hung out on the sidelines to get a more up close and personal feel for the stadium prior to the scrimmage kicking off.

“When we got to the stadium we hung out on the sidelines for a while and watched the team warm up,” said Fehoko. “We were there for a little bit but then they moved us up into the stands where all the fans were. They had to do that because of the NCAA rules or something like that.”

For a mere scrimmage, nearly 12,000 Cougar faithful packed the stands to catch a glimpse of their 2014 BYU Cougars. To Fehoko’s surprise, the fans were loud and energized the stadium despite the fact the only opponent BYU was playing was themselves.

“The fan base is crazy and there were a ton of people there,” said Fehoko. “I was actually really surprised to see how many people were there in the stands. There was a ton of intensity.”

Fehoko was able to watch firsthand how well the receivers have developed, despite the offense running a vanilla scheme, under Guy Holliday’s tutelage. Fehoko was very impressed despite the fact that the first team receivers got very little, if any, reps at all, allowing for the second and third string units to perform.

“They looked great!” Fehoko said. “I like the receiving corps and they looked really good catching balls and running around. Overall I think BYU is going to be really good this year. They’re looking really great.

“I thought the quarterbacks looked pretty good out there and was impressed with them. They threw the ball on time and had really good ball placement. They did a lot of things really well.”

Running back Adam Hine got a chance to showcase his skills, and his running around and through the defense caught Fehoko’s attention.

“I thought he was a beast for sure,” Fehoko said. “I got a chance to meet him during the BYU camp during the summer and he’s a really great guy. He’s the real deal.”

The overall experience at LaVell Edwards Stadium ended the trip to Provo on a high note for Fehoko. He caught a little glimpse of what it would be like to play at BYU and the experience helped BYU’s case in recruiting him.

“Yeah, I can myself playing there, but it’s still a little early in the process to tell,” Fehoko said.

This week Fehoko and the Brighton Bengals will kick off their season against the American Fork Cavemen. Fehoko is high on his team’s abilities but knows American Fork won’t be a pushover.

“I’m just preparing for the first game in a couple of days,” Fehoko said. “We have American Fork for our first game and we’re looking pretty good but who knows. It’s going to be a good game.”

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