Apo Ready for Senior Campaign to Begin

Ross Apo talked recently with the media about this year’s group of BYU wide receivers. He talked about his role as an extra set of eyes in helping the new crop of receivers acclimate in BYU’s offense as well as his final season in a BYU uniform.

Now a senior, BYU wide receiver Ross Apo has been around the block a few times and knows the landscape well. He’s taken that knowledge and has used it to benefit for his fellow teammates who have been competing alongside him for playing time.

“I’ve kind of taken on a coaching role because I’ve been here forever,” said Apo. “That’s kind of how I feel. I’ve been helping Jordan [Leslie] out as much as I can and telling him as much as I know and what to expect. It’s kind of the role that I’ve kind of taken.”

With the infusion of new talent to the receiving corps, Apo doesn’t feel there will be much of a change in how the receivers are rotated into games. He feels BYU Wide Receivers Coach Guy Holliday will find his best combination of players and keep them on the field for as long as they are able to keep up.

“I think it will be a little bit like last year where guys will go until they can’t go any more,” Apo said. “Then we’ll get guys in there with a fresh pair of legs and just keep on going. I don’t think there will be a specific number of plays that we’ll go for each pair of receivers out there. Obviously we’re going to run fast and as many [plays] as we can until you see somebody get tired, and then we’ll sub him out.”

Coach Holliday is still looking for a core group to make up his rotation going into the 2014 season. The purpose being to obviously rotate or to help someone catch a breather if needed.

“Oh yeah, we can definitely do that,” said Apo. “I mean if you look at all the receivers that we have playing here at BYU they’ve all played in a game. I don’t think we have any freshman receivers out there besides Trey [Dye]. Most of the guys are all juniors and seniors.”

With the injury to Nick Kurtz, Coach Holliday has been cross-training a few receivers to play multiple positions. That could be to find the best combination of players on a specific play or for depth purposes. Either way, receivers have been seeing time at multiple receiver positions.

“I’m still on the outside but I think Mitch [Mathews] has been playing a little on the inside,” said Apo. “I don’t know if Jordan [Leslie] will be or not. They might just keep him on the outside, but there definitely have been guys moving both inside and outside.”

Looking for four receivers with chemistry and polished skill set is the priority for Coach Holliday. Then come the next four receivers to form a two-deep rotation allowing for more flexibility and combinations. The more receivers Coach Holliday has at his disposal, the better it will be for the overall offensive prowess.

“It is a good thing because the more receivers we can get on the field the better it will be,” said Apo. “Coach Holliday said he’s battling every day to get four receivers on the field, and then [in some] formations that we use we’ll obviously get a tight end on the field. If we can get four receivers on the field that would be great because they’ll be guys that have played the game and know the offense well. They’ll also be guys that have chemistry too.” The level of competition among the receivers has definitely grown to the point where starters last year might be riding the pine or waiting for an opportunity.”

Now that the BYU offense has installed the playbook, the goal now is to use the remainder of fall camp time to polish up on the more intricate details of position mastery for the wide receivers.

“I think it’s just cleaning up all the little details,” said Apo. “We all know the playbook and know what’s going on. Right now it’s all about polishing up the skill sets and getting ready for the first game.”

Ross Apo

BYU receiver Ross Apo talks about the multi-talented Mitch Mathews, who not only can play football but also baseball and golf. He also talks about the new influx of competition on the team at various positions. He also talks about what Coach Holliday means by, "Make it rain" and much, much more.

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