Cougar Cam: Robert Anae

The Cougars prepare to face UConn next week as the 2014 season gets underway. Robert Anae feels his offense has been preparing hard with a fearless mindset for the Huskies and has been preparing for the moment. Also embedded in the story is a video of Coach Anae talking about the team’s preparation, traveling to Connecticut, the offensive line and much more.

Now that the Cougar offense has had a year to improve under Robert Anae, the BYU offense should be more effective in executing his system. Coach Anae and his offensive staff have been working tirelessly on establishing a specific mindset when it comes to implementing his system.

“Well, our kids have been working on a fearless mindset, and to do that you have to fill it with something,” said Coach Anae. “If you fill it with nothing fear ends up being in there, so that’s what we’ve been working on as a program and as a team; filling it with things that we are looking forward to doing. That’s the mindset that we’re taking.”

The season open against Virginia last year saw a disruption due to rain delay. Coach Anae isn’t worried about a similar occurrence this year, but if there is such a delay he isn’t worried.

“Well, it’s the mindset that we’re talking about it is focusing on the moment and the task at hand, so, yeah, if we happen to have bad weather we’ll pause while the bad weather occurs,” Coach Anae said. “Then take the field when it’s available, so it’s the focus on the moment, and we’ve made that a conscientious effort and grow as a program in that regard.”

From the sound of things, BYU will be more ready this year than they were last year against Virginia for their season opener against UConn next Friday night.

Cougar Cam: Robert Anae

Coach Anae addresses the media as the Cougars prepare for the Huskies of UConn. He talks about the team's preparation and how the staff is working hard to know what to prepare for when the Cougars take the field. He talks about the efforts by the offense to score in a more proficient way, Taysom Hill, and much, much more.

Coach Anae Video

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