Adam Hine Poised for Season Opener vs. UConn

Junior running back Adam Hine will join halfback Paul Lasike as BYU’s primary backfield tandem when the Cougars take the field against UConn on Friday night. Hine will be used in a wide range of situations that will largely be based on what the Husky defense does. Hine also talks about team captain Paul Lasike, and is featured in a video fielding questions from the local media.

BYU senior halfback Paul Lasike was named as one of BYU’s team captains, which is surprising given the fact he didn’t know much about football just a few years ago. Fellow running back teammate Adam Hine is quite amazed at how well Lasike has adapted to the sport of football and has now risen to the level of a team captain.

“I remember Paul’s first spring here,” said Hine. “He didn’t even know what he was doing, so now to see him as a captain in this group is unbelievable. He’s doing so well. His knowledge of the game of football- I mean he’s been playing it for two and a half years- to become a captain of a major division one football school is unbelievable. He’s a great leader.”

Lasike isn’t the talkative type of leader; rather he is one who quietly leads by example. From Lasike’s approach to the sport, Hine has learned much.

“Paul is really laid back and when he makes a mistake he knows it, but he’s not one to make the same mistake,” Hine said. “He knows he made a mistake but he moves forward twice as well.”

“I know you guys have seen every time he gets the ball he’s just a wrecking crew out there,” said receiver Ross Apo. “He’s a solid guy on and off the field. He’s a guy that we have respect for and we listen to. I have no problem with him, he’s our captain.”

It’s that type of example that caused so many of Lasike’s fellow teammates to vote him as their captain. However, Hine feels there might be a more subliminal reason why the New Zealand native was selected.

“I don’t know [but] he’s the one that looks the most like a ninja turtle,” said Hine jokingly. “I don’t know if that was [the reason]. I don’t know, he’s a funny guy.”

When Hine and Lasike take the field against UConn, the offense will be much more advanced and polished than it was a year ago for the season opener against Virginia. How the carries will be distributed between the two players will be largely based on what formations the Huskie defense runs.

“I’m not sure,” Hine said. “I know there are different sets where he’s in and different sets where I’m in. It depends on what the defensive is showing. If they show more stuff for a two-back set then I’ll be in a little more, and if they show stuff for a one back set then Paul will be in a little more.”

The substitution of running backs won’t be as prevalent this year due to the more well-rounded abilities that Hine and Lasike have developed. Being able to effectively block on passing downs has been a personal goal of Hine, which will allow him to stay on the field more against the Huskies.

“Some of my personal goals actually is on the offense blocking,” Hine said. “I want to stick every single block well. I don’t want to whiff a block, I don’t want to let a guy through, I want to really hold my blocks well.”

The Huskies will run a man coverage defense out of a 3-4 defensive scheme, much like BYU does. The backs have scouted the Husky personnel and tendencies in preparation for Friday’s contest.

“Yeah we have,” said Hine. “We mostly have scouted out what kind of a defense they play. They play more of a man and that’s what we’ve been looking at.”

Adam Hine Video

Hine talks about traveling to Connecticut and playing UConn. He also gives his thoughts on being prepared for the season opener, and how the running back group is approaching the Huskies and much more.

Hine Video

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