Harvey Jackson Ready for Texas Rumble

Nebraska transfer Harvey Jackson is enjoying his time at BYU. He’s made many friends and feels at home at BYU. The one-time four star safety prospect from Texas is now heading back home where he could see playing time against in-state powerhouse Texas, a college that recruited him at one time.

When Harvey Jackson saw playing time against UConn he wasn’t listed on BYU’s pregame depth chart. Now the Nebraska transfer is listed on the two-deep and could face Texas wide receiver Jaxon Shipley. Shipley has posted 165 receptions (seventh on the UT career list) in his career.

“He runs good routes and you can’t take nothing from him,” said Jackson. “He catches the ball well. We have a scheme and if we execute it well then we should be alright.”

However, the Cougar defense will look to stop the run first and that means bottling up Longhorn running backs Malcolm Brown and Jonathan Grey. Over fall camp Harvey Jackson proved he could play the run very well and is looking forward to the contest with Texas.

“Oh yes sir,” Jackson said. “Anything fits my style of play. They’ve got two good running backs and that’s why we keep focusing on stopping the run. We’ve been working on that and drilling that into our heads, so I think we should be really good [at] stopping the run on Saturday.”

Bronco Mendenhall had mentioned at one time that he didn’t expect Jackson to contribute until October. However, that changed and Jackson got his feet week in the Cougar’s season opener against UConn. He learned today that he was listed among the two-deep going into Texas.

“Now that I know that I feel good about that,” Jackson said with a laugh. “Hopefully my number gets called and I’ll pick up where we left off and keep the ball rolling and beat Texas.

“I expect to be ready. I expect whenever my number is called to come out there ready and get things rolling.”

Getting ready to contribute to the Cougar defense wasn’t an easy thing at first for Jackson. He had to drop everything he learned over the past three years while at Nebraska to learn a whole new defensive scheme and terminology at BYU.

“The hardest thing is learning a new defense and learning a new scheme,” Jackson said. “It’s a different scheme and a different terminology so I had to switch my mind from a Nebraska defense to this defense. The second thing is the elevation. You know, running and stuff and trying to get caught up with all the other players that are here, that was a pretty tough part and I’m almost there, if not there now. But yeah, I’m getting better every day. Getting better is the focus.”

This Saturday, Jackson and fellow Texan Jordan Leslie will both return home to their native state of Texas. Graduate transfers from other universities, both have become close to one another now that the two have connected at BYU.

“We’re both similar, like you said, and we’re both seniors and talk to each other,” said Jackson. “We’ve both received the same recognition from the Houston area. He talks about his experience at UTEP and I talk about my experience at Nebraska and we’re really good friends. He’s a really good receiver and I had to get acclimated to the elevation. He was here before me so he had to help me out. He’s a really good guy.”

Jordan Leslie grew up a fan of Texas and mentioned that if you grow up in the lone star state you are either a fan of Texas or Texas A&M. So, which college did Harvey Jackson grow up a fan of?

“I loved Texas at first but they didn’t offer me, so I just said forget it,” said Jackson with a smile. “This will probably be a good payback, but, yeah, either Texas or Texas A&M and they have a lot of colleges out there. It’s like what college can you get addicted to and grow to love.”

While he may have left his heart in Texas, Jackson’s new favorite team is one of a blue and white affiliation.

“[BYU is] my favorite college now,” Jackson said with a smile.

Prior to the BYU season opener at UConn, the BYU football team gathered at a local LDS church building for a fireside. Although not LDS, Harvey Jackson was called upon to speak, which he did after some prying from his teammates.

“That was a great experience and was actually my first one,” said Jackson. “You know, I didn’t know what to expect. At first I wasn’t going to speak but then a guy from the crowd called on me and then I spoke. It was a really nice experience.

“He didn’t necessarily call upon me but he asked for the guys who were not LDS. I was like, ‘Oh, oh!’ so I stood up from my seat. He was like, ‘For the guys who come here what’s the difference and how do you like it?’ All the guys up on the stage kept calling my name saying, ‘Harvey that’s you! Harvey that’s you!’ so I got up and just spoke and just said what came to mind. It was a really good experience.”

Having now been to a LDS fireside, and even participated, Jackson will have no problem standing up at the podium if he gets called to speak to an audience of Latter-Day Saints again.

“Oh yes sir,” Jackson said with a chuckle. “If my name gets called I’m always ready. Yes sir.”

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