Taysom Hill & BYU Ready for Texas Challenge

Against Texas in 2013, BYU quarterback Taysom Hill rushed the ball 17 times for a whopping 259 yards adding three touchdowns with his legs. He added an additional 129 yards through the air on nine completions. This year the Cougar offense is a year more experienced, a year more polished, and more talented as they head down to Austin, TX for a rematch with Texas.

BYU’s offense in 2013 didn’t have the type of speed and talent in the wide receiver corps it does this year, which bodes well for BYU. Receivers like Devon Blackmon, Jordan Leslie, and Keanu Nelson bring division one experience to BYU.

Having this infusion of experienced talent, along with the return of star Cougar running back Jamaal Williams, and a more experienced and polished offensive line, has given BYU a lot of confidence.

“We’re all confident,” said BYU star quarterback Taysom Hill. “You know, having Jamaal and Devon is going to help in that, but with that being said I’m extremely confident in the other backs too and rightfully so. They played well and had a really good camp, so not a big change in that area and I think those guys will help us. We’ll just continue along the path that we’re going.”

During the UConn game, Edward Fusi made what may have been the most impressive pancake block of the game. Jamaal Williams referred to the move as Fusi, ‘baptizing someone’ in what has now become a much rewound play among players in the film room. Quarterback Taysom Hill saw the film and sees it as a small part of a much larger improved group of offensive linemen heading down to Texas.

“I have (seen that play), yeah,” Hill said. “It’s awesome. That’s the mindset that we need and the mindset that we have, and we’ll continue to carry and build on that.

“I think they (the offensive linemen) continue to improve themselves through camp, and not only that but their mindset is just they’re going to protect me.”

BYU’s offensive line better come ready this Saturday. While All-American defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat is no longer on the team, the Texas defensive line still has experienced talent in the trenches. Texas has two outstanding returning players in junior defensive tackle Malcolm Brown and senior defensive end Cedric Reed. BYU quarterback Taysom Hill had an unnerving conversation with one of his linemen concerning a dream that was had.

“I had a conversation with one of my o-linemen and he had a bad dream,” said Hill with a laugh in his voice. “He was like, ‘Just watch your back, you know.’ I had a conversation with him and it’s fun to see those guys just get in and grind. Playing o-line isn’t an easy thing and those guys love to do it, so I feel very confident a love playing with those guys.”

While Taysom Hill and BYU have a large Texas Longhorn target squarely placed upon their backs, the mindset of the team is a determined one. The Cougars believe they can play with anyone and want to continue proving that’s the case regardless of where and when. To beat Texas in back-to-back seasons would send a message that BYU should indeed be included among the top programs included within the power five conferences.

“Obviously, we believe that we’re as good as anybody in the country and that we can play with anybody,” said Hill. “But, our belief in us saying that doesn’t mean a whole lot, so as we’re trying to break into that next tier of the power five, and stuff like that, you know there is some pressure that way. It’s not a topic that we necessarily discuss. You know, we want to go out and have a good showing.”

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