Devon Blackmon Eager to Kick Off His Season

After sitting out of the UConn game to serve a one game suspension, BYU wide receiver Devon Blackmon starts his season on the big stage against none other than the Texas Longhorns. When Blackmon takes the field, he’ll more than likely face an old acquaintance considered the best cover corner in the Longhorn defensive backfield.

It’s the return of an old matchup once played out during high school playing in the Under Armour bowl game. BYU wide receiver Devon Blackmon has faced the cover skills of Texas Longhorn defensive back Quandre Diggs years ago. The two will become very much acquainted on game day this Saturday.

“Yeah know I think Quandre Diggs is pretty confident and they’re pretty confident in him, so they’re probably going to move him to the nickel or to whoever is the best receiver,” Blackmon said. “There could be a lot of cover-two cloud or we could expect a lot of cover-three.

“We do have vertical threats this year, so I don’t think they want to give up anything deep. We could also expect man and those are the three biggest things I’m expecting is man [coverage] because they want to contain Taysom [Hill] because he did such a great job last year, so we could see cover three, cover two, and a little bit of zone but we’ll see.”

Blackmon, who has the gift of gab, believes he and Diggs will probably have some friendly on-the-field conversations when the two line up across from one another. Such is the case when old rivalries reunite.

“We’ll probably jaw back and forth,” Blackmon said with a smile. “He’s a good dude but when we playing we’re not going to be friends at all. I’ll be trying to get the [win], but maybe after that we’ll yap it up and say what’s up and then go our separate ways. There will probably be jawing during the game. You know healthy competition.”

The BYU wide receiving corps is much more talented and deeper than it was last season when the Cougar offense virtually had their way with the Texas defense. That depth has helped better prepare BYU’s secondary, even the two deep, to become better prepared for higher competition, which bodes well for BYU now that Texas is next on the schedule.

“Well, our receiving corps is pretty good,” Blackmon said. “You’ve got Jordan Leslie, Ross Apo, Mitch Mathews, Nick Kurtz, me, Keanu Nelson, and you got those college players that have been in college programs before. Some of them, you know, thrive off competition as it is for myself, so I feel like the second stringers were getting a good look because I was competing with them [on the scout team] and they were competing with me. It was like [they never] take a play off. It was like ‘I’m going to beat you every play and knock the ball down every play,’ so I feel like it was good healthy competition for all of us and we all got better from it. To see what they did against UConn makes me happy to know that I contributed on scout team last week to help them do a good job.”

Now that former BYU wide receiver Michael Davis, who like Blackmon is known for his speed, has switched to the defensive side of the ball, the question is who is the faster between the two?

“I am,” Blackmon stated very quickly in response to the question. “Michael Davis is pretty fast and I’m not going to sit here and say he’s not fast, but we’re going to have to race to find out. I’m confident so, yeah, I am faster. I don’t want to shoot him down like that because he is a great athlete and pretty fast, so if we race it would be really close. I’m not going to say that I’m not going to beat him, but just because I don’t like anybody beating me I’m going to say I’m faster.”

Blackmon wasn’t a part of the Cougar offense dehorned Texas with an offensive drubbing on their way to a 40 to 21 victory last season. Because of that staggering defeat of what was then a 15th ranked Texas, the Longhorns have placed a large bull’s eye on the back of BYU. Blackmon is actually looking forward to the challenge despite having not been a part of the team last season.

“I wasn’t here last year, but becoming a part of the team I’ll take on part of the rivalries and the competition,” said Blackmon. “I’m looking forward to them and I’m looking forward to busting it up.”

While Blackmon is hoping for an outstanding performance in his season opener, the one thing he is most looking for when he steps out onto the field of Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium is seeing the BYU fans gathered in Texas.

“I’m just looking forward to the excitement and seeing the fans and making plays and contributing to the team and contributing the best way I can,” said Blackmon. “I’m looking forward to an overall great team win. Like I said it’s my first game and I really don’t know to expect, but I’m excited and I’m going to give it my all.”

It’s going to be an exciting time for Blackmon who has waited for few years to be back on the division one stage playing in a big game that will be nationally televised. To keep his nerves in check he spoke with a mentor of his last night to get a better grasp on how to handle the game day nerves.

“It’s actually funny that you say that because I had a talk with one of my mentors last night, Coach Brown,” said Blackmon. “He’s been coaching me since I was like eight or seven. I told him about it and he was like, ‘That’s good and I’m glad that you feel that way. That means you’re ready and prepared.’ I feel like those three whole years of me being patient has gotten me ready for the stage that I’m about to be on. I just feel real good and I’m just going to let everything come to me. I’m not going to try and make anything happen.”

His experience at BYU has been both an up and down experience as Blackmon gets acclimated to the values and culture of BYU. He is, however, happy that he is at BYU and feels this is where he needs to be in order to achieve greater things.

“Well yeah every day,” Blackmon said. “You know, sometimes I’ll wake up and say, ‘Why am I here?’ Then I think back and take the time to reflect and realize why I am here. I think Coach Mendenhall does a great job of helping me and acclimating me to the system because like I said this is foreign to me. But I do my best and he does a good job with me and working with me and talking with me. Me and him have a great relationship, and I go to him every day to ask him how I’m doing, and what can I do in this situation, just because I don’t want to mess up and cause a detriment to the team like I did with UConn.”

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