Harvey Langi Ready to Play for BYU

Harvey Langi decided that transferring to BYU, following a two-year LDS mission, was in his best interest given the type of environment and program found at BYU. Now a Cougar, Langi has switched again to another side, but this time it’s to the defensive side of the ball, where he’s learning and progressing as a middle linebacker.

At middle linebacker, Harvey Langi is currently listed as third on the depth chart behind Zac Stout and Teu Kautai. There is, however, a good chance that Langi could see some playing time this Saturday against Texas.

“Everyone knows about our defense, and for me to be a convert from the other side I have to catch up,” Langi said with a smile. “I need to speed things up and be more aggressive. I can’t be that weak link. This defense is too good for someone to not give it all you’ve got.”

Having made the switch from running back to middle linebacker, Langi has had to adjust to a different mentality associated with being a hard hitting defensive player.

“Oh yeah, there’s a little bit of finesse on the defensive side but more ground and pound, get dirty,” Langi said. “It’s like a fight every day. On offense you might want to, you know, impress with speed and finesse, or a little bit of shake and bake. But on defense it’s, you know, stick your nose to the ground, and put your best guys up and we’re going to come and knock them down.”

Still young and learning BYU’s defense, Langi, who suffered a minor knee injury over fall camp, still has a ways to go before he can be that solid, well-rounded player in the defensive middle. However, Langi is a quick learner and it shouldn’t take long before he’s fully in the mix at some point in time.

“I just got to buy in and be, you know, fundamentally sound and give it all you’ve got,” said Langi. “Of course we’re all great athletes out here and athletes go as hard as you can every play. If you do that it’s good for your team, and we have a lot of those on our side of the ball. I want to be there too. I always want to be flying around and moving and being loud and stuff like that.”

One advantage Langi has is fellow Cougar, and former high school teammate, Manoa Pikula. Pikula has taken Langi under his wing and has been showing him the ropes in an effort to help him advance within the scheme more quickly.

“Yes, Manoa has taken me under his wing,” said Langi. “He is very smart at just finding the ball. He’s really good and very physical with shedding blocks and coming in, so I’m trying to learn those things. As a running back you try to get away from that. As a defensive player it’s all about engaging and using your hands, and, you know, moving them around and trying to get to that ball. It’s fun. It’s really fun.”

The reunion of Langi with former Bingham Miners Remington Peck, Manoa Pikula, and Kesni Tausinga has been a great experience for him. All three of his former high school teammates play alongside him on the defensive side of the ball. The one former Miner that doesn’t, and is playing offensive guard, is Tuni Kanuch, whom Langi has yet to go up against in practice.

“No, not yet,” said Langi with a smile on his face. “I’m waiting for him and I hope he’s preparing. Tuni is doing really good. He’s coming back and he really strong. He’s like an ox.”

As the days inch closer to BYU’s road contest with the Texas Longhorns, Langi is preparing both on the field and in the film room for the occasion. He expects a run based offense behind the legs of Malcolm Brown and Johnathan Grey coupled with blocking tight ends.

“I just see a lot of smash mouth football,” Langi said. “A lot of, you know, movement and a lot of discussing. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to test everything I’ve been working on and trying to establish everything I’ve been working on over here. It will be fun to see what happens this Saturday. Hopefully I can be 100 percent by then.”

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