Adam Hine Reflects on His BYU Experience

BYU fans have been waiting a long time for running back Adam Hine to shine on the football field. He came to BYU as a highly touted running back with an upside to his potential the likes Cougar fans hadn’t seen in a long time. What most Cougar fans don’t know is that prior to coming to BYU he experienced a difficult challenge in his life.

While just a young man, Adam Hine went through a very troubling experience. His parents divorced, leaving his family divided. Although an excellent football player at Snow Canyon High School it was a very difficult time in young Hine’s life.

“She’s (Emily Hine, Adam’s mother) been a great example to me growing up,” said Hine. “My parents split up when I was 15 years old, so that was the latter part of my high school career. It was just her really. I had little contact with my dad but she just tried so hard.”

With all the emotions that filled his heart, Hine relied heavily on his mother Emily for strength and guidance during that troubling time. She took care of him in many ways that now looking back Hine can smile and be proud of his mother for what she had done.

“She was a working mom and played both the part of mom and dad with me. She’s had a great influence on my life with being an example, and just really talking me through [things] and grinding through the hardest times. She’s been great for me.”

From his mother’s example, and living a life worthy of a BYU scholarship, Adam Hine committed to BYU when he was just 16 years old. He never once wavered in his decision, and now looking back he’s seen how his decision to come to BYU has changed his life forever.

“Absolutely,” Hine said. “I think I’ve grown so much and I attribute a lot of that to getting married and meeting my wife and I attribute that to BYU as well.”

Now older, wiser, having served a mission to Panama, and now a more polished football player, Adam Hine is a permanent fixture in BYU’s high octane offense. He averaged 7.3 yards per carry against Texas while scoring two touchdowns. Tomorrow, Hine will suit up and take on his next challenge, the Houston Cougars.

“We see a lot of the same stuff [from Houston]; a lot of guys coming back,” said Hine. “We’re just preparing for that same thing and from what we’re seeing on film from other games. It looks like they’re going to be coming hard and they’re tough.”

Despite UH having lost their opener to UTSA, while beating Grambling State 47-0 last Saturday, BYU shouldn’t take Houston lightly and they won’t.

“I can’t say I’m surprised because it happens so often,” said Hine. “Teams come out a little flat because they’re relying much on what they did on the season past, but I believe that they’re going to be coming out hard and that they’ve worked out a lot of kinks.”

Cougar Cam: Adam Hine

Hine gives praise for his offensive line's performance and for his own personal success. He talks about why he came to BYU and about the 2014 season so far. He also gives his thoughts on playing Houston tomorrow.

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