Dallin Leavitt Scouts the Houston Cougars

Sophomore defensive back Dallin Leavitt saw playing time as a freshman and is now becoming a staple in BYU’s defensive secondary at the KAT position. Against Texas the 5-11, 200-pound safety notched seven tackles, one sack, and two tackles for a loss in BYU’s 41-7 win over Texas.

Dallin Leavitt was tough, real tough against Texas. Like a heat seeking missile, Leavitt flew around the field attracted to anyone with the football. Now he hopes to bring that tenacity to bear against the Houston Cougars.

“We need to be physical on the perimeter just like every other game,” said Leavitt. “They do a lot of screens and we need to do a good job of stopping the screens and the vertical routes.”

It’s easy to see where his physical demeanor comes from. His father Jared Leavitt was a former Cougar defensive standout player back in the early 1990’s. It looks like the coconut didn’t fall far from the tree.

“It’s just how I’ve grown up,” said Leavitt. “My dad, he played here and that’s how he played and that’s how he taught me how to play since I was five years old.

“When we go out there we’re trying to win. We’re trying to do everything we can to win, so if being physical is part of it then that’s what it is.”

However, while Dallin Leavitt knows he’s developing a reputation as a hardnosed defensive back, he also knows he has to continue to improve.

“Yeah, it’s a maturing process,” said Leavitt. “It’s something that I have to continue getting better at, and it’s something that I’m working on every day.”

When Leavitt was named a starter for Texas, he was grateful for the opportunity to showcase his talents.

“I felt grateful and I felt blessed and I felt like it was something that I had been working for,” said Leavitt. “I just thought it was a great opportunity and I was going to make the most of it.” Despite being named a starter for Texas and for Houston at the KAT position, Leavitt knows his job is not secure due to the talent in the secondary.

“I don’t think my spot is ever secure,” he said. “I think every day it’s a battle,” said Leavitt. “We have a lot of really good players, and every single day everybody needs to go out like they’re the starter or like the other backup and try to keep our spots. We’re all going to play, and we’re all going to play a lot.”

Against Houston, Leavitt expects to see a more wide open spread offense that will take shots down field. He’s expecting more of a challenge from Houston.

“Yeah, they spread it out and they get real wide,” said Leavitt. “They’re trying to beat us on the parameter. They’re really fast and they’re really athletic, and they’ve got some guys that can make you miss and really stretch the field. We’ve got to be ready for that.”

When it comes to scouting out film on John O’Korn, Leavitt is more impressed with him this year than he was last year. He knows the offense runs through John O’Korn and that he’ll have his hands full.

“He’s a really good player. He’s a really good athlete,” said Leavitt. “He scrambles well and he seems to have matured a lot, even from last year, which last year he was very impressive. We have to do a good job of covering the receivers downfield, and when he does break the pocket we have to stay on the receivers and try and get pressure on him.”

Leavitt’s Three Keys to Victory

For BYU’s defense to have a successful home opener against Texas he believes the Cougar defenders must do three things.

“Stop the pass, stop the screens, and get the ball out,” Leavitt said. “We have to create turnovers.”

Cougar Cam: Dallin Leavitt

Leavitt reflects on the Texas victory and what it was like to play with his defensive teammates. He talks about the game plan of playing more physical than Texas. He also reveals what was the highlight of the Texas game was for him. Leavitt also gives his thoughts on Houston.

Dallin Leavitt Video

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