Cougar Snapshots: BYU vs. Houston

The BYU Cougars started off their home opener against the Houston Cougars in rapid fashion. UH fought hard and clawed their way back into the game after capitalizing on BYU’s mistakes before BYU . staff photographer Troy Verde was on hand to capture the day’s action in this edition of Cougar Snapshots.

The game was a little closer than was expected but in the end Taysom Hill and company found a way to pull out the 33-25 victory on a day of fireworks and remembrance on September 11th.

The Cougar offense ran for a total of 346 yards on the ground. 139 of those yards came on the legs of running back Jamaal Williams who also scored two touchdowns.

Devon Blackmon got his first taste of real action during BYU’s home opener and would have had a touchdown to go with his first outing. However, that touchdown was called back due to his being lined up incorrectly.

BYU’s defense held Houston to only 10 rushing yards on 13 attempts and much of that reason is due to Zac Stout. Stout is a run stopping machine in the box. Stout even recorded a safety to open the scoring for BYU.

Jordan Leslie was Taysom Hill’s favorite target on Thursday. He caught six passes for 79 yards.

Teu Kautai is rapidly becoming a force on BYU’s defense, especially in the pass coverage game, as a linebacker. Here you can see the intensity on his face as he gets ready for the snap of the ball.

Team captain Remington Peck breaks through the offensive line to pressure Houston quarterback John O’Korn.

Linebacker Sione Takitaki had a very good game for his first ever home opener at BYU. Takitaki saw plenty of action both on the defense and on special teams. It’s only a matter of time before the beast from the “I.E” is unleashed.

Taysom Hill used his legs to successfully beat the pressure of Houston’s front seven. Hill ran the ball 26 times for 160 yards averaging 6.2 yards per carry and scored one touchdown.

A heat seeking safety, Dallin Leavitt is rapidly becoming a force within BYU’s secondary. After helping BYU’s defense to nearly shut out Texas, Leavitt had another good game against Houston.

Michael Davis returns a kickoff against Houston. Davis is still looking to really break out as a contributor on special teams.

Outside linebacker Alani Fui tied Craig Bills with seven tackles against Houston. Here Fua is making a tackle on Houston QB John O’Korn.

Sione Takitaki gets some help from his teammates. There were times when Takitaki was brought in to pass rush John O’Korn from the edge.

Here Devon Blackmon avoids a tackle on kick return. As he continues to learn, Blackmon should become more of a featured player within BYU’s offense.

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