BYU's Texas Romp Impresses Charles West

For the second year in a row BYU hung 40 points on the mighty Longhorns of Texas. Three BYU recruits, including Charles West, that were supposed to be there, but couldn’t make it to the game, watched the game on TV while cheering on the Cougars on to victory.

There are three prospects on BYU’s radar from Coppell High School in Coppell, TX. Two are running backs Charles West and Brandon Rice, both with BYU offers, and the third is tight end prospect Scott Huntsman.

“I watched the (BYU-Texas) game but I wasn’t able to go,” said Charles West. “I was supposed to go with a couple of my friends, but one got sick, the one that was supposed to take me, so we all just stayed home and watched it at my friend’s house. It was a lot of fun to watch and was pretty bummed about not being able to go in person.”

What did West think of BYU’s repeat victory with a 41-7 victory over Texas?

“Well, it was just crazy because BYU starts fast and they end fast,” said an excited West. “They put Texas away early and didn’t let them have a chance.”

BYU running backs ran the ball for 89 yards, averaging 4.7 yards per carry, while quarterback Taysom Hill ran for an additional 99 yards. BYU’s offense pounded Texas with a ground and pound rushing game.

“I mean, BYU looks great!” said West. “They ran the ball against Texas’ front seven and Jamaal looked great as a running back. They have some really good blockers up front on the o-line too.”

What impressed West the most about BYU? It was the fast pace for the Cougars, as well as how both BYU’s offense and defense performed at a high level.

“I mean just the high intensity of play,” West said. “It didn’t look like they had a flat moment the whole game. You see guys playing hard and running around pretty much the whole game.”

Brandon Rice and Scott Huntsman were also with Charles West watching the Cougars stomp the Longhorns. What did they think of the win?

“Yeah, they loved it!” said West. “I mean, they both were having just as much fun as I was. We were cheering for BYU and it was a lot of fun!”

All three of the Coppell boys three were cheering loud for the Cougars of BYU even though they are Texas natives. In fact, throughout the game the three were texting a fellow Coppell High School teammate, Conner Williams, who had committed to Texas a few days before the game.

“While we were watching the game, our friend Conner Williams who was at the game, we were texting him the whole time,” said West with a chuckle in his voice. “We were making fun of him the whole time. We were teasing him the whole time. He was at the game and we were texting back and forth.”

Given BYU’s romp over Texas, how did the banter go over?

“Well, he was mad about it,” said West still chuckling. “But we were laughing the whole time! We were ripping him up on every play!”

At Coppell High School, Conner Williams plays tight end and nose guard, but at the University of Texas he’ll play tackle. He received a steady dose of constant ribbing from his three teammates.

“We put him in a group chat,” said West now laughing. “Man, he was mad at us. He just kept saying it was a fluke, but I told him, ‘Two years in a row?’ In fact, I think he was mad at us for a couple of days after that.”

West has received a scholarship offer from BYU, and Guy Holliday and West exchanged thoughts about the Texas game. Having a scholarship offer from BYU, West constantly keeps in touch with BYU’s coaches but is just going through the recruiting process.

“Well I keep in good touch with the coaches, and I even spoke to Coach Holliday [about the game],” said West. “I’m just going through the recruiting process and don’t have a favorite school yet right now, but BYU is a top contender given the fact they’re playing so well and it’s such a great school. I mean that would something to think about because it’s such a great school. Go Cougs!”

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