Craig Bills Scouts the Virginia Skill Players

Craig Bills lit up the Houston receiving corps with vicious hits that will make a highlight reel someday. This week Bills will bring his hard hitting style of play to bear against the offense of Virginia. The senior captain will face a Virginia offense similar to what he’s seen from his own offense during practice at BYU.

When BYU takes on Virginia this Saturday at LaVell Edwards Stadium, the Cougar defense will see a faster paced offense with an offensive scheme similar to what BYU currently runs. A faced paced offense isn’t anything new to senior safety Craig Bills.

“[Virginia runs an offense] similar to our offense with the up-tempo now, and they run the option-ride,” said Bills. “They do certain things like double moves and have shown some things like trickery. We’re just expecting to go in there and play aggressive and keep up with the tempo, which isn’t anything new to us.”

The up-tempo offense of Virginia won’t stress BYU’s defense as much as a team that’s never played against, or better yet practiced against such a tempo, like BYU’s defense does.

“I mean, obviously we go against it all the time because we see it here with our offense,” said Bills. “I’m looking forward to going out there and stopping the run, and then hopefully just dictating what comes after.”

In the Virginia backfield the Cougar defense will see returning starter Kevin Parks, who comes in at 5-8, 200-pounds and is a senior, and sophomore standout runner Taquan “Smoke” Mizzell.

“They have a lot of good players like I was saying,” Bills said. “Their running back number four [Taquan Mizzell] is good. Number 25 [Kevin Parks] I played against him last year is a hard runner, so yeah they’ve got some guys that can do good things. I think they’re a good team, so we just have to be ready.”

Coming back from last year’s Cavalier offensive receiver group is now senior Dominique Terrell [#2], Darius Jennings [#6], Miles Gooch [#17], and junior Canaan Severin [#9].

“Yeah, they have a lot of the same guys coming back from last year,” said Bills. “They have a lot of talented skill guys back. Number 17 [Miles Gooch], they’ve thrown some jump balls to him in the red zone, so they’ve got some players and guys that can go out there and make some plays just like any other college football team.”

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