Remington Peck Ready for Uptempo Virginia

It’s hard to replicate a player like Taysom Hill on a practice squad, but the Virginia scout team is going to do their best to give their highly touted defense a good look. For the Cougars, on the other hand, they’ve had a good look at Virginia’s offense, which runs an offense with spread elements, having practiced against their own BYU offense.

Virginia suffered a loss with regards to their offensive line, with big 6-6, 320-pound Morgan Moses leaving, who is now in the NFL playing for the Washington Redskins. BYU defensive end Remington Peck remembers him.

“They lost their big guy from last year Moses,” said Peck. “I can’t remember his first name but he was a really good player that was on their offensive line last year,” said Peck. “They lost him from last year.”

Who is going to replace Moses? Virginia has rotated two players at the left tackle position. The starter for the BYU game should be Michael Mooney, who is a redshirt sophomore, but there should still be some rotation.

“I’m kind of confused though by their offensive line,” said Peck. “They either rotate a lot or just have different guys playing, so I don’t know who we are going to see to be honest, especially at left tackle. It seems like the first quarter of the game they’ll have a guy come in and then they’ll have another guy come in for the rest of the game. It’s kind of strange but we’re preparing for both. It’s kind of weird because it seems like they have three or four guys they rotate at the tackles. I’m not sure if they found a starter or not yet.”

Virginia Offensive Line

The offense line of Virginia should look a lot like this come Saturday.

LT Michael Mooney [#76]

LG Ryan Doull [#63]

C Ross Burbank [#65]

RG Conner Davis [#74]

RT Eric Smith [#72]

“They’ve got some youth up front but for the most part they’re a pretty solid group of players,” said Peck. “They didn’t win their game last week against Louisville because they’re not talented. No, these guys are good.”

Right tackle Michael Mooney, left guard Ryan Doull, and right guard Eric Smith are sophomores on the Virginia offensive line. The only seniors are left tackle Michael Mooney and right guard Conner Davis.

When Virginia running back Kevin Parks [#25], who is a candidate for the Doak Walker Award, lines up in the backfield, he’ll be accompanied with fullback Conner Wingo-Reeves [#41]. Taquan Mizzell is the second running back behind Kevin Parks and should also receive playing time. However, the tandem of Parker and Wingo-Reeves, coupled with backup quarterback Matt Johns, in the backfield the Cougars will have to watch the read-option.

“It’s very similar to our offense,” Peck said. “It’s an option-ride offense, and it seems like a lot of ride cutback stuff as far as their running game goes. They’re a good team. I think it will benefit us though, because the way they run the ride is exactly the same in the run game.”

However, Virginia starting quarterback Greyson Lambert is no Taysom Hill and generally likes to throw the ball as a pocket passer than run it. Lambert can run but he prefers to pass over running the read-option in comparison to Taysom Hill. And that just might be an advantage for BYU’s defense.

“I think whenever you play a team that runs a similar offense that you practice against every day in camps it helps you,” Said Peck. “We’ve been playing against that style of offense here, so I think it’s definitely going to help us.”

“Yeah, we’ve seen on film how [Lambert]’s more of a pocket passer,” said BYU linebacker Fred Warner. “Whenever he runs the ride he’ll pull it out more than not to pass the ball.”

However, it’s been a few weeks now since the Cougars last faced their own offense during fall camp, so hopefully they still remember how to play against the type of offense they’ve seen day in and day out this last fall camp.

“The only thing is we haven’t played against an offense like our offense for a couple of weeks though,” said Peck with a chuckle. “Hopefully we can still remember how to defend against our own offense when we play against Virginia. Hopefully we’ll still remember and play well.”

“I think it’s an advantage for us because at least we’ve practiced against this style of offense against our own team,” said Warner. “I think having played against our own offense, and against Taysom Hill, makes us even more prepared to face a similar offense like Virginia.

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