Jamaal Williams Isn't Scared of Virginia

Jamaal Williams will become well-acquainted with Virginia’s inside linebacker Henry Coley this weekend at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Coley is one of Virginia team captains and a Lott Impact Trophy candidate. Also included is a video with a segment of Jamaal Williams and Jordan Leslie having some interview fun.

Henry Coley is a 6-2, 245-pound senior linebacker who can run and pack a punch. Last season, Coley led Virginia with 91 tackles. This Saturday, BYU’s running backs will know all too well who Henry Coley is.

“Oh, number 44?” said BYU running back Jamaal Williams. “Yeah, he’s good. He’s a big stocky man. He’s a good linebacker, a big, mean man and he reminds me of the good old fashioned linebackers.”

Williams’ solution to the problem is not to run away from him, which might not be Robert Anae’s solution. However the case, Williams is confident they’ll be able to keep track of Coley’s whereabouts on the field.

“We’re just going to go right at him and see what he can do,” said Williams. “We’ll see how fast he is and how late he is at getting off blocks and stuff. It’s going to be a good game and a real chess match to really to see how we execute against him.”

Along with Coley, Virginia’s defense is made up of many four and five star athletes such as strong safety Anthony Harris who is also up for the Lott Impact Trophy award, Jim Thorpe Award, Bronko Nagurski Trophy, and Bednarik Award. Joining Harris for the latter is Cavalier defensive end superstar Eli Harold. However, Williams is confident and doesn’t seem shaken by the talent stacked against him.

“Ain’t nobody scared with the All-American this and that and who is what,” said Williams. “This is football. We know that going into this game it’s going to be a great challenge. Honestly, I can’t wait to block. I’m maybe four inches shorter and 30 pounds [lighter], but I don’t care. I’m still going in and they’re going to get all of this 6-0, 206-pounder. I’m going to give them all that I’ve got. It’s going to be a good game.”

The Virginia defensive secondary plays a lot of cover-three. BYU’s wide receivers will see a lot of that this game while the front seven of Virginia will blitz to try and contain Taysom Hill.

“It’s going to be good because we’ve been getting a lot of blitzes in practice and we’ve been picking them up,” said Williams. “We’re also at home so we can hear each other and communicate well.”

This weekend it will be a “white-out” at LaVell Edwards Stadium. All the fans will be asked to wear all white in accordance with the occasion. For Jamaal Williams, he’s really looking forward to this game for one simple reason. He gets to wear a uniform that’s truly color coordinated for once.

“Shoot, our shoes are finally white and blue,” Williams said with a cheeky smile. “We finally get to match for once, and none of this black, none of this blue jerseys and black shoes. I don’t like that.”

Cougar Cam: Jamaal Williams

Jordan Leslie pops in and pretends he's doing an interview with Jamaal Williams during media availability today. The two joke candidly with one another. Williams also talks, and even jokes, about Devon Blackmon making a penalty on his own touchdown. He talks about Virginia and much, much more.

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