Kahuku Phenom Garners First Offer

First it was Kahuku High School’s 6-3, 200-pound, and all-around athlete, Hirkley Latu. Now it’s Red Raider running back Kesi Ah-Hoy, who just entered his sophomore year that has received a BYU scholarship offer from Bronco Mendenhall.

Although young in age, Kahuku High School (Kahuku, HI) running back Kesi Ah-Hoy is rather large in stature. He’s a humble young man just doing what kids his age do, but what’s special about this young man is he has a very bright future.

“I’m 6-1, 192-pounds,” Ah-Hoy said. “I’m now in my sophomore year and I’m playing varsity. I don’t have any stats from last year because I played on the JV team. I’m doing well though now that I’m playing on the varsity team.

“The position that I play is more like a slot-back. I can line up in the slot or in the backfield and run the ball. For me, I like to shake people and use my jukes as a way to score touchdowns. I like to cut off blocks because I think it’s more proficient than just trying to run over somebody. But, it’s definitely more exciting to run over someone.”

While Kesi Ah-Hoy is ripping it up on the football field, he’s no slouch when it comes to the classroom either. When it comes to academics, he’s nearly perfect.

“Yeah, I’m doing well,” Ah-Hoy said. “In class last year I finished with a 3.8. I was trying to get a 4.0, but I fell a little short. This year my goal is to reach a 4.0 and I’m doing that good right now. I’m maintaining all my classes.”

Ah-Hoy has played so well early in his sophomore year on the varsity team that he recently received a special surprise.

“Yeah, I got a call from Coach (Bronco) Mendenhall this past Sunday,” said Ah-Hoy. “He talked to me about BYU and then offered me a scholarship to BYU with my family. When I got the scholarship from him the first thing that went through my mind was that it was a blessing for working hard. Another thing that I have to do is not let it get to my head. I have to stay focused.”

And what did his parents think of his new BYU offer?

“They were thinking the same thing as me,” said Ah-Hoy. “They’re excited for me but at the same time they’re going to council me to not get too excited and let things go to my head and get big headed. They were really excited that it happened for me.”

When he learned of the reason behind the phone call from Coach Mendenhall, Ah-Hoy instantly got excited about his first scholarship offer.

“Yeah, I was really happy when I got the offer,” said Ah-Hoy. “I really appreciated that [BYU] offered me. They said that it was kind of rare for them to offer someone my age, but they talked to me about the standards of BYU. I was really excited!”

Prior to speaking with Coach Mendenhall, Ah-Hoy also spoke with who could potentially be his future coach. He spoke at length with Mark Atuaia and feels that both he and Coach Mendenhall are very accessible.

“I also spoke with Coach Atuaia and we had a good talk,” said Ah-Hoy. “He told me that if I have any questions about the football team or about life he’s a phone call away.

“With Coach Mendenhall and Coach Atuaia, I think they’re really educated men. I think they care for the team at BYU, and I know that they know their school inside and out. They taught me a lot of things and they’re both great men.”

Receiving his first division one college scholarship offer means a lot to the talented Red Raider.

“It means a lot to me,” said Ah-Hoy. “Just with me being a sophomore that really means a lot. I hope there’s more to come but right now I’m just going to focus on working hard, but I’m grateful that I got the offer. It’s exciting.”

Having grown up in the Hawaiian North Shore area, Ah-Hoy has lived in the shadows of BYU-Hawaii. Naturally, many of the LDS athletes in and around of Laie and Kahuku know the history of BYU.

“One thing that I like is that BYU is my church school,” said Ah-Hoy. “You have to obey all the standards of [the LDS] faith and that they require, and if I do those things I won’t get into [trouble] and I’ll be good. Plus, there’s a lot of LDS players on the team, so I’m pretty sure that will keep you strong in your faith. Also, there’s a lot of Polynesians, and I have a lot of uncles and aunties out there in Utah. I can always talk to them and visit them if I go to BYU.

“I know that [BYU has] a good football program, and they have high expectations as an academic institution. They have high expectations in school, and that’s why it’s important for me to do well in high school now. BYU [freshman enter school with a] 3.8 GPA and a score of 29 the ACT, so that’s what really stands out to me when it comes to applying for BYU.”

Ah-Hoy isn’t quite sure he wants to serve a two-year LDS mission at this time. However, every now and then he thinks about it because his mother often whispers in his ear.

“Honestly right now I’m really thinking about a mission,” said Ah-Hoy. “It comes and goes as my mom talks about it with me, but, yeah, right now I feel like I don’t. Maybe later on I may change that and we’ll see as time goes on.”

Regardless, Ah-Hoy is an outstanding you man. He’s the second outstanding young man from Kahuku to receive a BYU scholarship offer recently. The other is his teammate Hirkley Latu.

“Hirkley is doing great at school,” Ah-Hoy said. “He’s a close friend of mine so we always hang out at school. We just talk about the possibility of playing together at the same school.”

They now have that chance to play together at BYU if they so choose. Congratulations to Kesi Ah-Hoy on receiving his BYU scholarship offer. TotalBlueSports.com will continue to monitor Ah-Hoy as he plays out his prep career and update you with regards to his recruitment.

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