Jordan Leslie Ready to Play vs. Virginia

BYU receiver Jordan Leslie touches upon a variety of subjects including what BYU needs to do to walk away with a victory over Virginia this Saturday. He also shares with BYU fans on what it’s been like for him to be in Provo and at BYU.

The Virginia Cavaliers roll into town tomorrow, and the BYU Cougars will be waiting for them. BYU wide receiver Jordan Leslie gives a few thoughts on his perspective on how the Cougars can beat them. First, it starts with the run.

“Taysom, Jamaal, and all the running backs are going to have to run hard,” said Leslie. “It’s going to be a tough defense, tough against the run. You know, we’re going to have to kind of beat them down and show them that we can run the ball at any time. We have to establish the run.”

Second, the Cougars offense has to distribute the ball further down field. Leslie believes that the full capability of the offense hasn’t been reached yet.

“We need to make big plays down field as a receiving group, especially with this receiving group that we’ve got,” said Leslie. “We’ve got the ability to make big plays down field, and that’s one that we need to do. We haven’t done it as much this season, but I know it’s only a matter of time before it starts clicking. I think the Virginia game would be a great game to show it.”

Third, Leslie believes the defense must continue playing the way they have been over the first three games.

“We need our defense to come and keep playing like they’ve been playing,” said Leslie. “Our defense is number three in the nation against the run, so we need our defense to come out and be strong and hit them in the nose. Virginia is a big physical team and we need to be just as physical. A shut-out would be great.”

During the Houston game, BYU fans came out in numbers and showed their support. Flags, fireworks, and banners waving make LaVell Edwards Stadium a special place to play. For Leslie he’s seen nothing like that despite having played at UTEP for the past three years.

“I love it!” said Leslie. “The fans are passionate and the Cougar walk was so fun. It kind of gets you hyped up for the home game. It’s exciting to see the fans come out. I’m hoping that against Virginia it’s going to be even more packed and more intense and I can’t wait to go out there and make some plays at LaVell Edwards Stadium.”

When it comes to his BYU experience, more particular on game day, Leslie feels the fans make the day that much more special. And don’t forget the unique bond that if formed among Cougar teammates. For Leslie, that’s another aspect that has him enjoying his time as a Cougar.

“It has to be the fans and the team,” Leslie said. “We’re a band of brothers and that’s always good to have. We’ve got each other’s back and we’re all as one. We may have some bickering here and there, but at the end of the day we’ve all got each other’s back. That’s one thing that’s great. Then the fans, of course, how passionate they are. Even when you make a mistake you know you can come out there and make a play for the fans.”

Off the field, Leslie has seen the unique environment that is found in and around campus. He loves the candid and friendly environment that is unique to BYU.

“Of course it’s different but of course I’ve enjoyed it a lot,” Leslie said. “The people here have been really nice to me and have shown me great respect. Even when I just walk down the street people would be like, ‘Hey Jordan!’ It’s just crazy how much people know about the team, and how much they love BYU football.”

On a more personal level, when it comes to growth, Leslie feels the many positive influences that he’s found in and around campus has helped him to grow and appreciate his time at BYU.

“I have grown but you also grow in every aspect as you get older,” said Leslie. “It’s always good and something that I’ve enjoyed to be around different people with different values and perspectives because it helps you to grow. It’s good to see different perspectives and things like that.”

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