BYU Using Bye Week Wisely to Prepare

BYU will take advantage of this bye week to heal up bruised bodies, focus on cleaning up personal mistakes as well as penalties. As the Cougars finish what was arguably their toughest part of the 2014 schedule to go 4-0, this bye week comes at a good time. Now they can focus on themselves and prepare for instate rival Utah State.

BYU has played the first third of their 2014 schedule and emerged 4-0 after defeating UConn, Texas, Houston, and Virginia. They now have a bye week this week to rest up and prepare for the next 4 games, beginning with Utah State on October 3. Slot receiver Mitchell Juergens is grateful for the downtime.

“You know you’re always grateful for a bye week because it allows our bodies to heal up and it gives us time to prepare for Utah State,” said Juergens.

“It’s nice to take it a little easier and give the body some rest and a little more time to prepare,” said Juergens. “But, [our] mindset stays the same. We know we have Utah State in two weeks and we can’t roll over. We have to keep preparing right now to be electrifying as an offense and master our assignments and come out with a win.”

“You know, I really appreciate the bye week,” said freshman center Tejan Koroma. “I think it will be a really good time to get our legs underneath us and get ready for Utah State. I’m really excited about this week.”

After a hard-fought game against Virginia and Houston, it’s not just players like Taysom Hill that could use a break, but the entire team could use a break from the gridiron.

“I mean, we’ve all been a little tired and I think a bye week is good for us,” Koroma said. “I think it will be healthy.”

The Cougars can take this time off from preparing for their next opponent knowing they are currently undefeated on the season. Rather than focusing on who is next on the schedule they can turn inward and focus on themselves for a few days.

“Oh yeah, having notches in the win column, it’s obviously something that’s going to give us confidence and we love that,” said Juergens. “We know there are so many things that we can improve on offense to make a difference. We’re looking forward to cleaning things up to be even more dominant.”

“[Being] 4-0, that’s pretty good and we couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Koroma. “We’re just trying to get better each week, and right now we’re doing really well.”

One thing the Cougars must improve on is penalties. BYU is rated among the worst in the nation for committing penalties.

“Yeah, penalties and just all kinds of assignments, like me personally,” said Juergens. “I know we all have things we can work on so we can master on to come out more explosive. You know it’s going to be something that we are looking forward to.

“Obviously penalties are something you definitely don’t want as an offense. It can be game-changing sometimes when those penalties rack up. There have been some third down and longs that we don’t want, so that’s something as an offense that we can definitely improve on is to be more disciplined and not let those penalties affect us.”

“You know what? I didn’t know we were the number one penalized team in the nation, so I don’t know how to answer that,” said Koroma. “I know there are a few things that we need to fix, but I couldn’t tell you why we are the most penalized.”

Despite the many mistakes and miscues made by the Cougars over the course of the season so far, the offense continues to roll on despite not having reached its full potential. For a walk-on receiver like Juergens the opportunity to play in BYU’s offense has been an incredible experience for him.

“You know, I’ve said multiple times that I’m blessed to be given this opportunity to be a part of this offense,” said Juergens. “To be able to rush the ball a little and catch the ball from Taysom, I’m shocked. You know, if you were to ask me a year ago I definitely would be, but I’ve been entrusted in fall camp and given the opportunity so I’m just excited to be a factor within the offense.”

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