BYU Offer Looms Large for Santa Margarita OL

San Margarita Catholic High School offensive tackle Austin Maihen is currently mulling through his options fully engaged in the recruiting process. He has seven offers on the table and has given his top three. The question remains, did BYU make the cut?

When you’re only a sophomore but as big and as talented as the seniors on your high school team, you’re likely to see playing time just like Austin Maihen did at Santa Margarita Catholic High School (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA).

“I’m 6-5, 285-pounds and my sophomore year, when I first started playing varsity, I played at guard,” said Maihen. “I liked guard because at that time I wasn’t as mature and didn’t know as much.

“On my side at tackle I had Riley Sorensen and Dane Crane. Dane is at Washington and Riley is at Washington State, so I feel like during my sophomore year they really helped shape me. They helped me out that year and really made me grow as a player. After that my junior year I played right tackle and then this year I’m playing left tackle.”

Now a senior, Maihen holds a number of scholarship offers from schools around the western United States.

“My most recent offer was Washington State and that was a few weeks ago, and then I have offers from BYU, Kansas State, San Diego State,” said Maihen. “Then I have the University of San Diego, Northern Arizona, and Eastern Washington. As of right now I’m still talking to Stanford, UCLA and Cal-Berkley a little bit. I’m just kind of still trying to make up my mind when I want to commit, but I’m just trying to decide what’s going to happen.”

BYU’s Offensive Line Coach Garret Tujague has been chiefly responsible for recruiting Maihen. The two have forged a very close relationship that spans back to December of last year.

“Coach Tujague, BYU’s offensive line coach, is the one that is recruiting me,” said Maihen. “I have a really good relationship with him. I think we started talking back around December, a month after my junior season ended, we were pretty much in close contact for the next few months. Then he came down for spring practice in April and saw me. We’ve been talking ever since.”

Then the day came when Coach Tujague reached out to Maihen through social media. From there things rolled in fast for the California lineman when it came to receiving an offer from Bronco Mendenhall.

“I called up Coach Mendenhall and that’s when he offered me,” said Maihen. “He offered me about a month or two ago. I remember it was on a Sunday, and I talked to Coach Tujague in the morning. I woke to a [direct message] on Twitter from him that said I had to call him up, and so I called him and he pretty much kind of gave it away that I was going to get a scholarship offer. I just had to call up Coach Mendenhall because he’s the one that gives the offers. I called Coach Mendenhall later that night and he extended the offer to me.”

In regards to BYU, Maihen feels that the private college aspect might help him to feel more at home, since Santa Margarita Catholic High School holds similar values.

“Well, BYU, I know they’re a Mormon school and I go to a private school right now, so it wouldn’t be too different now if I did go to BYU,” said Maihen. “The school that I go to, Santa Margarita, has the same rules and a code of conduct that you have to go by. It wouldn’t be that hard for me to follow the rules at BYU because I already have to follow them now and I’m used that. I don’t think that will be something that will bother me too much, but, yeah, BYU is definitely a high option on my list right now.”

BYU’s honor code and standards require college participants to live a higher standard of living. Maihen doesn’t feel that BYU’s honor code wouldn’t be an issue for him at all.

“Yeah, I guess I kind of live that in high school right now,” said Maihen. “As a team we go to mass before every game, and we’re always going to church services and stuff like that. I mean the coaches kind of told me that’s what their school is like too. They do a church service thing before every game too. If I were to choose BYU there would be that kind of at home feeling because they kind of that same pre-game stuff they do as I do at my school. I think that would be cool to be able to do that if I choose BYU.”

Maihen has narrowed down his top three schools from the current list of scholarship offers he’s received.

“If I were to say a top three right now it would be BYU, Washington State, and San Diego State,” said Maihen. “I was hoping that I could possibly pull the trigger soon on when I wanted to commit. I’m still kind of waiting so it might take [a while longer]. I’m still not sure and kind of in that decision making process of what I want before I commit.” will continue to monitor Austin Maihen’s recruitment and update you on when he makes a final decision.

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