Ieremia Talks About His BYU Commitment

Hurricane High School's Jeremiah Ieremia once made a commitment to BYU earlier this year but reneged on that commitment. Yesterday he recommitted to BYU and explains what was the reasoning behind his decision.

The reason Hurricane High School prospect Jeremiah Ieremia committed yesterday to BYU is simple. He wants to be a part of a program that has a focus on more than just being a great football player.

“You know, the reason why I recommitted to BYU is more to do with spiritual things,” said Ieremia. “I wanted to be a part of a program that’s going to help me become a better person, and that’s what I believe BYU is all about. It’s more than just football but about growing as an individual in all areas. I feel BYU can help me become the best version of me. That’s what I think it’s all about, and so my decision was based more on spiritual reasons.”

When Ieremia first committed to BYU, it was a decision he made without consulting with his family. The decision was quickly put on the backburner until a more thorough and thoughtful decision could be made that included his parents.

“I went up there and actually hung out and really enjoyed up experience up there,” Ieremia said. “I felt like it was a good fit for me, but I didn’t talk to my family about it first, so when I came home I talked to my dad and family and ended up de-committing.

“It was more for family reasons. When I first committed to BYU, I did it on my own. I didn’t really talk things over with my family before I made that decision. I kind of made it on my own because I actually went the unofficial visit y myself.”

BYU is doing well in both the Associated Press (18th) and the USA Today Amway Coaches Polls (19th). However, BYU’s rise in the national rankings had nothing to do with Ieremia’s final decision to commit to BYU

“It didn’t really affect me in my decision to commit to BYU,” said Ieremia. “BYU is having a great season and that’s always good to see that the program that you committed to is doing well, but in reality it didn’t really affect my decision to commit to BYU. I committed to BYU first because of the spiritual side of the school and how it can help me. I wasn't thinking about the [rankings], but the polls, and how well they’re doing, is just an added bonus.”

The 6-2, 225-pound Hurricane High School product is all-in with BYU. Ieremia is now excited to finally get the weight off his shoulders.

“Yes sir!” said Ieremia. “I’m fully committed and everyone is on board with the decision now. Now I’m officially a Cougar and it feels really good because it’s a lot of stress off of me. Now my family is on board. There’s no stress and everything has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m really grateful and it’s a really good feeling right now knowing I’m now going to be a future Cougar.”

Come February, Ieremia will sign on the dotted line to commit to wear the jersey of BYU. He’s a younger prospect who will graduate at the age of 18 and hopes to soon afterwards serve a two-year LDS mission.

“I’m a senior this year and I graduate in [May],” Ieremia said. “I’m only 17 right now and my birthday is next year in March. I want to serve a mission after high school and then enroll at BYU in 2017. That’s the plan right now.”

Congratulations to Jeremiah Ieremia on his commitment. will continue to montior his play and update you as signing day draws closer.

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