Miller Makes it Official, Commits to BYU

Today it’s official! BYU received a verbal commit from a Nevada all-state running back with 10.6 second 100-meter speed. Although Elias Miller had been committed to BYU for a little while now, today he wanted to break his silent verbal and announce that he is verbally committed to BYU.

It’s been a long time coming. In fact, you have to go back to June to realize when the Elias Miller commitment saga really began. He gave a soft, silent verbal commitment to BYU but didn’t want it out then. This time around he’s made his official commitment to BYU official and he wants everyone to know about it.

“Oh yeah, I committed today and have been involved with the process with BYU the whole time,” said Miller. “Tonight I made it official since BYU has been my school this whole time I got my offer. I really like the school and have always liked the school, so tonight I made it official. I’m a Cougar!”

BYU fans know all about Elias Miller. He’s a star running back for Las Vegas High School, and he’s been on BYU’s radar for a little while now.

“I’m 6-1, 186-pounds and I play running back,” said Miller. “I’m kind of an all-purpose back. If you need short yards, I’ll get you short yards. If you need long distance yards, I’ll get you long distance yards. I can run physical and I can run around you. I played linebacker last year so when I run, I don’t run scared.”

The news that Miller has now finally committed to BYU has been a long time coming when it comes to the public knowing. The speedy running back out of Las Vegas actually made his initial commitment to BYU back in June, but wanted to keep it under wraps until a more appropriate time.

“Yeah, I gave a silent commitment but I kept it quiet,” said Miller. “A couple of guys knew. You guys ( knew, Doug [Kimmel] ( knew, and a couple of BYU coaches knew for sure. I didn’t want it out then but now I just want to spread out the word.”

A two-sport athlete, Miller also runs track where, believe it or not, he revealed his eyes actually water from time to time while he’s burning up the track.

“I run track and my fastest time in the 100-meter is a 10.6 (seconds), and my fasted 200-meter is a 22.1 (seconds),” Miller said. “I was ranked third in our region and ninth in state for track. I run so fast my eyes [start] watering, no lie.”

Miller began to laugh when talking about his eyes water.

“My eyes actually do water,” he said while chuckling.

Having offers from BYU, Weber St., and UNLV, Miller was also being recruited by Arizona, Navy, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon State, San Jose State, and Washington. Miller had attended BYU’s summer camp earlier this summer and thoroughly enjoyed his time on campus.

“I have quite a few schools looking at me but I know where I’m going,” Miller said. “I have three schools that have extended me full ride offers. I went up to BYU for a summer camp and I liked it a lot. In fact, I like it a lot better than Las Vegas. They actually have trees, the people are nice, and the campus is amazing.”

One noticeable part about his visit to BYU was how friendly the coaches and people were on and around the campus.

“The people around BYU are really nice, and the coaches out there art BYU are just great guys,” said Miller. “They give you that warm feeling. Coach Mendenhall’s great and Coach Atuaia is as well. The coaching staff is made up of really good guys.”

Earlier this summer. following BYU’s football camp, Miller was invited to meet Bronco Mendenhall. He was nervous not knowing what to expect. However, it didn’t take long before Miller got a sense of the heart of BYU’s head coach.

“It was great but at first I was kind of nervous,” said Miller. “I didn’t know what to expect. After we were talking for awhile I kind of warmed up to him. You can tell he just cares about you and his players and wants the best for you.

“They way his philosophy is for his coaching staff it’s unbeatable because he actually wants to you accomplish something while you’re there outside of being an athlete. He wants you to be a better person. It really is kind of unique.”

While sitting with Coach Mendenhall in his office, Miller received a full ride scholarship offer. He couldn’t have been happier receiving such an honor.

“BYU really is a special place more than any other school,” said Miller. “It’s a place that makes you become more than just an athlete but a great person that will affect your life for the rest of your life. They actually want you to accomplish someone in your life other than just scoring touchdowns and football related things. They want you to be successful in life when football isn’t around anymore. It’s all about becoming that better person.”

It wasn’t too long after being offered a full ride scholarship by Coach Mendenhall that Miller decided to commit. However, he wanted to keep it quiet publically until a special time.

Now that the weight of silence is over, and his commitment is now officially public, Miller is a giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.

“Oh man, I’m so excited!” he said. “It’s such a relief to me know and I’m just laughing and giggling and really happy right now that it’s finally over. I’m excited about my decision. BYU is a great place to get an education and play football. What more could you ask for? I’m just excited and ready to make the next big push in my life.”

So why make the decision now? What is it about tonight that caused Miller to want to make his commitment to BYU known?

“Yeah, just talking it over with my family and stuff,” Miller said. “I just decided pull the trigger because there’s no reason to wait any longer. I’ve got five games left here at my high school and now I’m ready for it to be known. It’s been a long time, so now it’s got to be known.”

Now that Elias Miller has made his decision official for the public, he has one last thing he would like to get off his chest. He wanted to thank Coach Mendenhall for giving him the opportunity to obtain an education while playing football at one of the more unique universities in the country.

“I just want to thank Coach Mendenhall for the opportunity that you’re giving me,” said Miller. “I’m truly grateful and I love BYU. I can’t wait till the day when I suit up as a BYU Cougar, so thanks for everything.”

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