Leuta-Douyere Eager to Play Against UCF

With the loss of Utah State now in the rearview mirror, BYU must move forward without their starting quarterback, and Heisman Trophy candidate, Taysom Hill. With seven games left in the regular season, the emotions of the loss have to be quickly set aside in what is another short week of preparation for UCF.

It’s pretty visible by the look on their faces that the loss to Utah State is still weighing heavily on BYU player’s minds. All the talk of putting their first loss of the season in the past is much harder than actually done given the fact of how well the Cougars played in their first four games of the season.

“Well, the loss is hard to overcome but we have no other choice but to overcome the loss,” said linebacker Jherremya Leuta-Douyere. “We can’t dwell on the past. We have UCF coming up, so right now we have to focus on that. Whatever happened with Utah State we have to flush it and move on. If we keep dwelling on the past it’s just going to hurt you.”

Getting back out on the field is the quickest way to whip away the sour taste of the Utah State loss.

“We have to get back out and play so we can put this behind us,” said receiver Mitch Mathews. “Moving forward and getting back out there and playing another game to get a win helps.”

“It’s a long season, you know?” said Leuta-Douyere. “Just as you saw this week in college football anything can happen and it can happen anyway. It’s definitely a shocker.”

The Cougar front seven will face two primary rushers from UCF. One is sophomore William Stanback and the other is Dontravios Wilson. Both have 80 combined carries for 279 yards which is hardly an eye-popping statistic. UCF’s passing offense is ranked 106th in the nation while BYU’s pass defense isn’t ranked much better (109th).

“They run a lot of 10 and 11 personnel,” said Leuta-Douyere. “They run a lot of shotgun pretty similar to Utah State. They run a lot of fly-motion and a lot of read option because they have a very mobile quarterback that can make plays. Like I said it’s pretty similar to what we’ve seen all year. They have a lot of speed a lot of guys that can make plays.”

The Cougar front seven has to find a way to put more pressure on their opponent’s quarterback to take the pressure off the secondary. UCF wide receiver J.J Worton became the 10th Knight in school history to reach the 2,000-yard mark for career receiving yards. The Cougars have to find a way to put pressure on UCF quarterbacks Justin Holman and Nick Patti while keeping them contained due to his running abilities.

“I think so,” Leuta-Douyere said. “But, with this quarterback, you know, we have to account for mobility too. Some guys have to be alert to that. There is a lot of max protect but at the same time we have to contain and not get up field to create seems. We just have to keep him in the pocket I guess.”

Jherremya Leuta-Douyere

BYU middle linebacker Jherremya Leuta-Douyere talks about the disappointment of the Utah State loss. He talks about what Bronco Mendenhall told the team after the Cougar defeat and much, much more!

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