Hall Makes Verbal Pledge to BYU

The BYU coaching staff has reeled in highly talented, dual-threat quarterback for their program. Maple Mountain High School star quarterback Jaren Hall decided to end the recruiting process today on a personal visit to Bronco Mendenhall’s office today.

It all started in the mid-1990’s. Running back Kalin Hall was running roughshod through opposing defenses under then head coach LaVell Edwards. Fast forward about 20 years and it was Kalin Hall who set up a meeting with Bronco Mendenhall and his staff today. The reason? His son Jaren Hall had something to say.

“It was in his office and it was a lot like the first time I met with Coach Mendenhall,” said Jaren Hall. “He sat me down and asked me some questions and told me to talk to him like I was his own kid. When we started talking he told me to talk to him like it was a father to son conversation.

“It started off just like an any day type of conversation. I felt as though he was trying to get to know me a lot better. From that I felt like our relationship has built up a lot better, and we had a few of the coaches there in the office with us. I also had all my family with me there this time and it was just a special moment.”

“There were a few coaches there like Coach (Jason) Beck, Coach (Robert) Anae, and Coach (Mark) Atuaia,” said a proud Kalin Hall. “They were there along with my family for the experience. It was a great experience for everyone and I’m proud of my son for the decision he made. What I tried to do was teach him what’s right and then allow him to make the right decision. I think he made that decision today and I’m proud of him for it.”

After Jaren Hall committed he received a round of hugs from the coaching staff.

“Hugs, hugs, hugs,” said Hall. “That’s pretty much what happened when I told them that I’m committed to BYU.”

It will be a while before BYU fans will see Hall on the gridiron for BYU. He still has two years of high school football play and then will serve an LDS mission.

“Yeah, I’m a way early commit,” said Hall with a chuckle. “I’m a 2018 commit and it’s crazy to think that I’m only 16 years old but I’m already committed. It took a lot to get here but I know where I want to go. There’s no reason to wait because I knew where I wanted to go. There was no more need to waste my time, so I thought it was time to get it over with.”

As a father, Kalin Hall sought to teach his son correct principles, inquire for direct inspiration, and then follow it. Throughout the recruiting process, Jaren Hall did just that and feels the inspiration led to his decision to commit to BYU.

“I spent a lot of time on my knees praying about it, and every single time I just had a great feeling about what I should do,” Hall said. “Playing quarterback position there at BYU is, outside of all the church leaders, is a player that makes a big impact on that school. He’s the guy that’s in the spotlight. I would be honored to be that guy. You know, it would be special for me to represent BYU and the values of the university as the first African-American quarterback to [start] there.”

Another reason why Jaren Hall feels he’s been inspired to commit to BYU today was due to the unique attributes the university has to offer young LDS athletes. His relationship with the coaches, the atmosphere, and the teachings and standards found on campus has served as a confirmation behind his commitment.

“To me BYU is the most unique university in the world,” Hall said. “I mean, it stands out from all others. The coaching staff there is another big reason. I mean, I’ve talked to several different coaches and coaching staff from different universities and BYU’s coaching staff is just different. They brought me in and treated me like family, and I feel like I have a lot better tie with them.”

As an LDS, African-American quarterback, Jaren Hall has the chance to be the first ever to play the position at BYU. While the university might be a unique one, Jaren Hall has the opportunity to be in a unique position himself.

“Me and my dad were talking about how playing quarterback at BYU is kind of like the, ‘Meet the Mormons’ documentary that’s come out,” said Hall. “It’s showing people what we’re all about, but not through direct talking about it but through our actions. That’s what it’s like to be a quarterback at BYU.”

Hall chose BYU over in state rival the University of Utah. He was also receiving interest from other PAC-12 schools as well as Missouri and Arkansas State. One has to think that in time Jaren Hall’s scholarship list would have increased over time due to his talents and character.

“Utah recruited me and offered me a scholarship along with BYU,” Hall said. “I was also being recruited by Washington State and they were sending me letters. Recently Missouri has been recruiting me along with Arkansas State, so those five schools are the ones.”

Despite the early commitment to BYU, Hall has a goal in mind to show the nation why he was offered a scholarship by colleges like BYU and Utah. He wants to attend many camps and develop into one of the best quarterbacks of the 2018 class.

“For me I know my goal is to be one of the best, if not the best, quarterbacks in the nation in my class and every high school class,” said Hall. “I know coming up here next summer my goal is to go the Elite 11 camp and The Opening and hit some of those Pylon seven-on-sevens. I’m not going to go to any school camps, obviously, but I’ll go to some of those camps and match up with some of the best quarterback’s in the nation. I want to show the nation and BYU what they can expect out of me in the next couple of years. My goal is to just get better and better each and every day to get better and be one of the best in the nation.”

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