Juergens Fulfilling Lifelong Dream at BYU

Twins Mitchell and Garrett Juergens always dreamed of playing football at BYU growing up in the greater Houston, Texas area. Now a member of the team, Mitchell Juergens is wearing the blue and white of BYU and contributing on BYU’s offense despite still being a walk-on athlete.

Growing up in the state of Texas, the Juergens twins long had the dream of one day playing for their church college, BYU. They played high school football where they excelled amongst top caliber talent but never received a single scholarship offer.

“Me and my brother have always had the dream of coming to BYU since we were younger,” said Mitchell Juergens. “Coming out of high school we never had any division one football scholarships, but we thought, ‘Hey, that isn’t going to stop us.’”

And it didn’t. Both Garrett and Mitchell came to Provo to walk-on BYU’s football team where they made the team prior to leaving to serve LDS missions.

“We love to go through the grind and walked on before serving our missions,” Juergens said. “When we came back we had to walk-on again, and since then we’ve given our whole hearts to this team. We’ve always wanted to give it our best to this team and this, I think, is what brought us here.”

Playing the slot receiver position- where a few notable walk-on players such as J.D. Falslev and Nate Meikle played in the past- Juergens has made early contributions as a sophomore. Despite being a walk-on, Juergens credits his hard work and heart for his early success.

“Honestly, I think it’s just the drive that I have,” Juergens said. “I’m not the tallest receiver out there so that drive has to come from within. I made a goal for myself that one day I would play at LaVell Edwards Stadium and be a contributor to the offense. I’ve driven myself to work harder than anyone else and just leave it all out there. I think that’s what brought me here and has helped me to make plays.”

Against Nevada, Juergens recorded four catches for 41 yards, averaging 10.3 yards per catch. Against Central Florida his average was much lower, but he still contributed to the team despite the losses. Despite being a sophomore player receiving time he’s still waiting for the possibility of receiving that coveted BYU scholarship.

“Obviously, I’m waiting for a scholarship to open up and continue to make plays and give it my best,” said Juergens. “I think that’s what I need to do.”

He’ll continue to wait and see if one day the coaches come to him with some good news. As of now, that hasn’t happened but he’s keeping his fingers crossed it will.

“No, they haven’t talked to me about it,” Juergens said. “I know that if I continue making plays and be a factor and contributor in this offense that they’ll probably consider when the time comes. I’m hoping that I’m able to do enough to earn a scholarship, but that’s entirely up to the coaches right now.”

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