Adam Hine Talks Bye Week

With the news of a season ending injury to Jamaal Williams, the BYU running back group will have to find a way to step up in his absence. Running back Adam Hine returned to the field against Middle Tennessee despite still suffering from a foot injury. Hine feels he can play despite the painful injury and will make an effort to do so for the rest of the season.

On Monday, many of the BYU football team found out the extent of Jamaal Williams’ knee injury. What was initially thought to be a hyper-extended knee turned out to be a season ending injury for Williams. It was a big blow to what had become an already depleted running back group.

“It’s tough losing one of your leaders and he’s one of the guys that gets us going,” said Adam Hine. “It’s tough mostly to see him go down. We all need to step it up and get going now that he’s not with us.”

Hine himself isn’t fully healthy and won’t recuperate from a fractured sesamoid bone in his foot until he can actually let it heal without playing on it. The little bone embedded in a joint capsule or tendon allows for smooth movement of the feet. Healing it up doesn’t appear to be in the cards for Hine at this point in time.

“It needs rest,” said Hine. “I just decided with the doctor that I was going to play on it.”

The bye-week comes at a time in which many, including Hine, will look to recover more than practice, unlike the last bye week BYU had where they pressed hard in practice.

“You know what, from the player’s perspective we really want to rest,” said Hine. “The coaches have done a good job of seeing what we need. If we don’t need to practice super hard and take the bye-week as a week to rest up if we need to do that we’ll do that as well.”

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