BYU Extends Offer to California Running Back

The BYU coaching staff is on the hunt for a running back from the class of 2017. They recently offered a scholarship to a four star prospect in Antioch, CA that is thankful for the opportunity extended to him by BYU.

Najee Harris has emerged as one of the top prospects in the 2017 class but in talking to him, you would never know it. Harris is a humble, yet focused, young man who can play multiple positions.

“I’m 6-2, 205-pounds and I play running back and that’s what I do a lot,” said Harris. “I [also] play quarterback, outside linebacker, a little defensive back, and a little at receiver at the slot.”

Of all the positions he can, and does, play, Harris has two that he favors on the football field: running back and outside linebacker.

“I would probably say playing outside linebacker and running the ball,” Harris said. “I like running the ball the most and would say playing running back is my favorite position. You can run the ball and score touchdowns and you can have more control of the game.”

Not only does Harris run and tackle well on both sides of the ball, but his talents extend beyond the gridiron and into other athletic venues. This young man is a three-sport athlete for Antioch High School in Antioch, CA.

“Some things that I like to do is play basketball, weight lifting, run track, and speed training,” Harris said. “Those are some of the things I like to do, but football is my favorite sport.”

Much like in football, Harris plays various positions on the basketball court and on the track as well.

“I play the two, three, four, and five [in basketball],” said Harris. “I’m alright I guess and I can take up space. I’m alright.

“In track, I run the 100, the 200, and the hurdles. The fastest I’ve ran the 100 was 11.4. I don’t know what my time is in the 200. I wish I could remember what my time was in the 200, but I’m still working on my speed though.”

Currently Harris is being evaluated by many high caliber programs across the nation. He currently has six scholarship offers on the table at this point in time.

“There’s Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Oklahoma, and all the Pac-12 are looking at me,” said Harris. “I have six offers so far. I have UCLA, Cal, Utah, BYU, Washington State, and Hawaii. The latest to offer me is BYU.”

In regards to BYU, which recently threw their hat into the Harris sweepstakes, Harris has been on campus and experienced his first college game and unofficial recruiting trip. At that time he hadn’t secured an offer from the BYU coaching staff, but it didn’t take long following his visit to the Provo campus.

“I like the excitement up there and everything,” said Harris. “It’s different than the other schools that I’ve been to. I visited there for the BYU vs. Utah State game, and it was a good experience. There was a big crowd and the most I’ve ever seen at a game. The fans were roaring and there was a lot of excitement.”

While on campus Harris toured BYU’s football facilities as well as the campus itself. Prior to BYU’s game with Utah State, Harris was able to check out the field at the famed LaVell Edwards Stadium.

“Yeah, I did all that,” said Harris. “I did the whole tour the campus, go into the locker room, and got a chance to go on the football field and all that stuff. It was good and there was a lot of energy. You can feel it.”

Although Harris is not LDS, he enjoyed the wholesome atmosphere and like the unique characteristics of BYU”s campus. He plans on making a return trip to Provo for a junior day in the near future.

“It was like a church school and there was a good feeling there,” said Harris. “I don’t know [really know much] about Mormons and stuff like that. It was just a good feeling. It was a good feeling being up there and I like the honor code they have there.

“It was just the environment, and the energy, and playing with rules and stuff like that is something I liked. I didn’t know much about BYU at all before, but I would like to back up there. I don’t know when I’m going to visit. They said their going [send me] an invite to a camp but I don’t know when, and they’re going to talk to me some more when I go up to their camp.”

The coach responsible for recruiting Najee Harris is BYU defensive line coach Steve Kaufusi, who Harris has struck up a good relationship with.

“The d-line coach Steve Kaufusi is the one recruiting me,” said Harris. “I talked to him a lot when I visited with him at BYU. It was pretty good. I feel like we have a good relationship and we talked a lot one-on-one and so we have a good relationship.”

He also spoke with BYU running backs coach Mark Atuaia while on campus as well.

“I spoke to him and he really likes me,” said Harris. “He said he can see me playing there and him coaching me there at running back.”

A couple of things Harris is looking for at the next level is, one, a good education, and, two, a solid football program with a lot of energy and excitement surrounding it.

“Well, of course, first of all I want to get a good education,” said Harris. “Then second of all I want to be a part of a program that has a lot of excitement and energy on the football field.”

In regards to the education aspect, Harris has tentatively thought about possibly studying business one day. In fact, while on campus he took a brief tour of BYU’s nationally ranked business school.

“I haven’t really thought too much about it yet, but I’m thinking I might want to go into business or something,” said Harris. “I toured BYU’s business school a little bit when I was there.”

With all the attention that has flooded Harris’ way he’s in no hurry to make a decision any time soon. In fact, this humble and shy young man is just going to focus on his school and his work ethic instead of all the attention he’s received.

“I’m not worried about making a decision anytime soon, and I’m just going to keep working hard and keep focusing on school,” Harris said. “I try not to think about the offers that I have and who is recruiting me. I don’t want to get too big headed.” will continue to monitor Najee Harris going forward and will keep you updated on the latest with regards to his recruitment.

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