Devin Mahina Leading BYU TE Revival

The BYU tight end position has slowly reared its head once again. Over the past couple of years, the tight end position seemed to have disappeared from what had been a much storied BYU offense. Slowly but surely, Devin Mahina is accomplishing what he had set out to accomplish for the tight end position: to bring it back.

Against UCF, he was tied with Jordan Leslie with the most receptions but scored the most touchdowns of any receiver during that game. Against Middle Tennessee State, Devin Mahina was the second leading receiver (4 reception for 40 yards) behind Mitch Mathews.

“It’s been great!” Mahina said. “We’re throwing the ball a lot these pass couple of games, so it’s nice to be throwing again.”

Mahina’s production has really taken off over the second part of the season. What has really helped Mahina take off is the fact that he’s been targeted more by Christian Stewart, who has thrown the ball more down field than Taysom Hill.

“I’m excited and grateful at the same time,” said Mahina. “It’s nice to finally be using the offense and getting some touches in the game so hopefully it continues.”

During the second half of the Middle Tennessee State game, BYU began running the ball more. This in turned opened up the passing game down field and allowed even the tight end position to open up more.

“We were throwing the ball alright, but we needed to run the ball more to establish the run game to open up the passing game more,” said Mahina.

During halftime, Coach Anae was quite animated and vocal with his offense. BYU’s offensive coordinator wanted to establish the run game and felt his offense wasn’t executing well in that part of the offense.

“Probably having Coach Anae yell at us telling us we needed to be a little [better],” said Mahina. “I think it was good for us. It was a little more than we usually get but it was good for us.”

Mahina expects to continue improving the tight end position going forward. He wants to continue being more of a threat at the tight end position.

“When I came here I wanted to bring back the tight end position,” Mahina said. “It was always my goal to bring back the tight end position and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I hope I can continue to do that for the rest of the season.

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