De'Ondre Wesley Ready for UNLV

When the Cougars of BYU host the Running Rebels of UNLV, BYU tackle De’Ondre Wesley will take field to line up against an old JUCO teammate. The two squared off one against another in college and now this Saturday’s contest brings the renewal of an old rivalry between former teammates.

With a win this Saturday the BYU Cougars become bowl eligible, having won their sixth game of the season. The win and knowing that the Cougars would be bowl bound would become a sense of accomplishment and would raise the moral of the overall team, especially for BYU offensive tackle De’Ondre Wesley

“It would mean a lot,” said Wesley. “I mean, we started off 4-0 at the beginning of the season, and now we’re kind of starting from scratch with our quarterback going down. Going 4-0 after the bye week with a bowl win would be great. It would really help with the moral of the team and going into the off-season.”

Despite the haunting four game losing skid in October, a four game winning streak- with a win in the bowl game included- would ease the pain on what was supposed to be a breakout season for the Cougars. The focus now turns towards winning every game left on the schedule including the bowl game to salvage the year.

“Just play every game and, like, come out and practice hard and play hard,” said Wesley. “We just need to work hard on our technique, get into the film room, and study our opponents. We have to come to LaVell Edwards Stadium this week and come out and win this game. That’s what we know we should do and that’s what we know we can do.”

Next up on the list of things to do is beating UNLV, who the Cougars host this Saturday. UNLV shouldn’t pose much of a challenge but then again Utah State, UCF, and Nevada didn’t seem much of a challenge either after the Cougars defeated Virginia and Texas.

The scouting report from Wesley is that the defense of UNLV isn’t all that shabby, and, in fact, Wesley will be facing an old Diablo Valley College teammate when he takes the field.

“They hustle a lot to the ball and they’re a good defense,” said Wesley. “I have an old JUCO teammate on that team who plays d-end, so it’s going to be pretty cool going up against him again this week. His name is Siuea Vaesau and so going up against him he always played hard and that’s something we already know. We’ve already schemed towards it, and so we’re now coming into practice and getting our assignments taken care of and getting things down.”

Coming in at around 6-4, 250-pounds, Siuea Vaesau is more of a speed rush defensive end for the Rebel defense. Wesley will get reacquainted with his old friend and still remembers what it was like facing time and time again during his JUCO years.

“Yeah, we used to practice against each other every day in practice, and I would get him sometimes and he would get me sometimes,” said Wesley of his old JUCO teammate. “We had some good battles back in the days. I’m pretty sure I have some of his tendencies down, but I’m sure over the years he’s developed some new skills. I’m looking forward to it.”

Wesley hasn’t reached out and engaged in some behind the scenes banter with his old teammate. The Cougar offensive lineman feels that doing so just isn’t a good idea no matter who it may be.

“Nah, I don’t really like to talk to my opponent the week of,” Wesley said. “That’s not always smart, you know? We’ve talked a few times but not during the week.”

So no trash talking?

“No, not at all,” Wesley said. “Nothing like that, no.”

Despite no pre-game trash talking, there will be some physical battles between Wesley and Vaesau during the game. UNLV is currently struggling to stop the run and according to Wesley, Coach Anae wants to run the ball. It’s a scenario fitting for two former practice partners.

“Knowing that they do give up a lot on the ground I would think they would scheme towards that to try and shut us down. Then try to force Christian (Stewart) to throw the ball a lot. Yeah, we want to run the ball, but I feel like they’re going to try and come in and try and stop us from running the ball. We want to run the ball. Coach Anae wants to run the ball so we’re going to run the ball.”

Cougar Came: De’Ondre Wesley

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