Mitch Mathews Recount Miraculous Surgery

BYU wide receiver Mitch Mathews suffered a nasty shoulder injury last season during the Wisconsin game. Mathews’ shoulder injury ended his 2013 season. The injury would require reconstructive surgery, but when BYU doctors went in to do the repair work on Mathews’ shoulder, the injury showed much different than the MRI, and the repair work was much easier than original.

Mitch Mathews is having an outstanding 2014 season for the BYU. He’s become a major contributor and threat that defensive coordinators have to plan for his 6-foot-6 frame and field-stretching abilities. Much of that can be credited to team orthopedic surgeon Kirt M. Kimball who has done two surgeries on Mathews.

“Dr. Kimball, I’ve had two surgeries by him,” said Mathews. “One was a collarbone surgery, which wasn’t a big deal. It was just a bone surgery. Then next year, almost to the year to date after my collarbone surgery, I had a labrum surgery which I suffered during the Wisconsin game. I got surgery on that a few days later. It was really tough for me during the season.”

Mathews recalls the day he went in to go have his labrum surgery done. He remembers feeling overly confident that all would be well. And so did Dr. Kimball.

“I remember feeling really, really confident in going to Dr. Kimball,” said Mathews. “I remember feeling really confident and so did he. I remember never questioning my decision to go to him. I went under and got the surgery, and I remember the first thing he said to me when I was barely coming out of anesthesia was how impressed he was by that surgery. I’m sure he’s done thousands of surgeries.”

Dr. Kimball went in having information given to him from an MRI that was done that showed how severe the injury was. However, when Dr. Kimball opened up Mathews he saw a much different picture that what the MRI had given him.

“According to the MRI before the surgery my shoulder was really, really bad,” Mathews said. “My shoulder was completely blown up. Then when Dr. Kimball went in to do the surgery apparently the MRI was wrong.”

Mathews believes this was the beginning of a miracle. What followed next was also nothing short of a miracle.

“That was something short of a miracle and nothing short of a blessing,” Mathews said. “To have the MRI wrong when he went in and then when he went in he knew exactly what to do and said it was one of the best surgeries he’s ever done. He was very taken back and holding back tears and was for a loss of words for how the surgery went.”

During the surgery, Dr. Kimball felt guided during the labrum repair process. He mentioned to Mitch Mathews that he felt “guided” throughout the process.

“He told me that during the surgery he felt guided,” Mathews said. “He told me that he felt like there were other hands there with him during the surgery, so I was obviously out of it but when he was done he was waiting for me to wake up to tell how cool the experience was for him. It was awesome!”

Since his shoulder surgery, Mathews has not experienced any reoccurring problems. The testimony of Dr. Kimball has served as a reminder to him that he needs to be worthy of such a blessing every day.

“For me if that really was divine intervention, and from my Heavenly Father that my surgery went so well, then how dare I not live my life right for that blessing,” said Mathews. “With everything that happened I can honestly say that it was nothing short of a miracle. I now have to go out every single day and work as hard as I can and be obedient to my Heavenly Father. That’s how I will be able to show my gratitude, and because of that I haven’t had any trouble all year with my previous injury. What happened to me, and what happened to Dr. Kimball during the surgery, was a miracle and those blessings ring true to me every day.”

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