Mahina's Senior Season Dedicated to Father

When Devin Mahina came to BYU, his father was a big influence on that decision. Coming from the islands of Tonga, B.S. Mahina took an active role in his son’s career coming from such humble circumstances. Unfortunately, Devin Mahina’s father passed away a year ago and won’t be there to see his son graduate with a college degree.

Devin Mahina’s career has been marred with injury upon injury, one of which was a serious neck injury, which kept him from growing and sustaining a football career on the field. Luckily, this year has been different for Mahina

“Yeah I think so, especially since this senior year,” Mahina said. “I wanted to show that I could be a viable option and show that I’m a capable athlete. Once I got through all the injuries and all that stuff I was able to show what I could do.”

This season, Mahina has been injury-free. And, thankfully, he’s been able to be stay healthy and contribute within the offense.

“My father passed away last year and it was really hard,” said Mahina. “So, I wanted to dedicate this season to him knowing that he would be watching from above. I wanted to show him that I was his son and that I was going to represent his last name well.”

It’s a fitting end to a career for the highly recruited athlete out of Highland, California who dedicated his senior year to a loving father who passed away last year.

“Yeah, I just wanted to dedicate this season, which is my last here at BYU, to my father for all the support he’s given me throughout my life,” Mahina said. “He’s been a great father to me and I hope to be the best I can be to make him proud.”

If Devin Mahina’s father was still alive today, the Cougar tight end believes his father would be very proud knowing that he truly did represent the last name of Mahina well.

“I think he would say that he was a proud father to see what I’ve been able to accomplish,” said Mahina. “Coming from the islands I don’t even think he even got a high school diploma, you know?

“Just knowing that he had a son that went to college and got a college degree I think he would be very, very proud of me.”

B.S. Mahina would be just that: a proud father of a son who’s served a mission, lived his life right, and will graduate with a BYU degree.

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