Zac Stout Reflects on His BYU Experience

Senior middle linebacker Zac Stout was named an Independent Player of the Week for his performance against Savannah State last Saturday. Stout talks about some of his past experiences and what he’ll take when he finally hangs up the football cleats at BYU.

Zac Stout has been through a lot during his time at BYU. The senior middle linebacker was one of the more highly rated prospects of his class nationally to sign with Jake Heaps and Ross Apo at BYU as part of the famed “Iggy’s 3.” Reflecting over the past years, Stout brings up one memorable game and one memorable play.

“Well, beating Texas was great and that’s definitely a memorable experience over my career here at BYU,” said Stout. “I would also say getting that safety (against Houston) was really cool too, and that was really a big time play for me. I would say beating Texas is probably the best game memory and then getting that safety would be the play experience for me.”

The safety Stout recorded was against Houston earlier this season. It was a rare, but special, moment that will stay with him as he reflects upon his BYU career for a long time.

When asked about his fellow teammates Stout smiled. He’s made many friends and has grown close to many while at BYU, especially those that supported him during his personal trial having been dismissed from the university. He recalls the times playing with them in games and having fun on the sidelines.

“Oh yeah, it’s been great playing with all these guys here,” said Stout. “It’s really cool because you know them personally and then you get to play football with them on the weekend. In games it’s really cool because you see them on the bench getting excited, and when they make a good play you get excited with them because of how close you are to them. It’s just a lot of fun seeing guys have success and you being there with them to experience it.”

One of those players, Alani Fua, Stout played with while in high school in southern California. The two had played side by side at BYU for many years and have forged a friendship and playing style build upon trust.

“It’s been cool playing with Alani because we know each other so well,” Stout said. “He knows what I’m going to do and I know what he’s going to do so we’ve worked well together over the years. We really trust each other.”

When Stout leaves BYU the biggest learning tool he’ll take away from the experience will be something Bronco Mendenhall talks about quite a bit. What he acquired while playing for BYU’s head coach is ‘effort.’

“When I leave here probably the biggest thing I’ll take away from BYU is effort,” Stout said. “I mean, that’s one of the biggest things that Coach Mendenhall preaches here and the whole program is built around that. I would say when I leave I’ll take away the principle of effort.”

Stout explained further what he means by taking away what he learned the most by being at BYU.

“I would say all the hard work that you put in to being the best player you can be is what I’ll take with me,” said Stout. “There are times when you don’t want to do it, but it just always pays off no matter what. When you develop that kind of character you take that with you when looking for a job, work, family, or whatever. If you want to be the best you have to put a lot of effort in. That’s what I think I’ll take with me the most when I leave here.”

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