Stewart Eager for Regular Season Finale

BYU quarterback Christian Stewart isn’t looking back. In fact, he doesn’t get too emotional when thinking about the fact that this week will be his last regular season week of preparation now that his football career is now coming to a close. Instead of looking back, Stewart is looking forward to facing Cal, BYU’s bowl game, and then onward towards the future.

This BYU Men’s Basketball team lost to the San Diego State Aztecs 92-87 in double overtime on Monday night. Nate Austin’s roommate happens to by current BYU starting quarterback Christian Stewart, who missed watching the tough loss.

“Nate Austin is my roommate,” said Stewart. “It’s kind of funny watching him duck through doors, and I don’t even know how he fits on the beds in there to be honest but he manages.”

’ Living with a 6-foot-11, 230-pound basketball player must be interesting aside from watching him duck under doors or trying to sleep on a normal size bed. One has to wonder if a larger appetite comes with being bigger and if so does Nate Austin eat all the food in the house?

“No, he doesn’t eat all the food,” said Stewart with a laugh. “In fact, he brings home more food than I do.”

Well that’s a good thing, especially for Stewart. However, Stewart isn’t averse to giving when it comes to giving someone a good meal. In fact, he’s invited Jordan Leslie over to his house to have Thanksgiving with him and the rest of the Stewart family.

“J-Less [Jordan Leslie] over there is coming over to the Stewart clan’s house for Thanksgiving,” said Stewart. “I have a big family and we’ll have around 20 people crammed into my house. Yeah, Jordan’s coming over and so it’s going to be a lot of fun having him.”

Over the past two years, BYU has struggled in their games following Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a focus issue during the week due to the holiday or just a coincidence remains to be seen. However, Stewart hasn’t seen any signs of a letdown in practice this week regardless.

“I think that’s a really good point and we do need to stay focused,” said Stewart. “I haven’t seen any reason why we wouldn’t stay focused, guys are hungry. We know what’s at stake, especially closing out the regular season. We really want to play well this week. I’m not worried, at least on the offensive side of the ball, guys losing focus or skipping a beat.”

It’s important for the Cougars to finish the 2014 season strong. With a victory over Cal, a four game winning streak heading into a bowl game would put some frosting on what’s been a less than desirable regular season performance. Attempting to finish out the rest of the season undefeated to jumpstart next year’s enthusiasm is something senior Christian Stewart has thought a lot about.

“I thought about this a lot,” Stewart said. “The last year going into off-season workouts we were 8 and 5 the past season, and I remember the coaches ripping into us saying, ‘That wasn’t the kind of season we wanted. It was a letdown.’ So, I want to go out strong. I want to go out with a five game win streak and keep that momentum going into the winter workouts and spring ball for the younger guys and younger class.”

Being a senior, Stewart has also thought a lot about this week in general. It’s the last week of the regular season of his football career.

“I woke up [Monday] morning like around 6:40 in the morning and thought to myself, ‘This is the last Monday that I have.’ The bowl week is a little different so I don’t really count it. These are the last days for me in football, so I really want to play my heart out there and play my hardest.”

However, although Stewart’s thought a lot about it he’s not the kind of person to get emotional about this or that being the last time he’ll ever do something. Instead he looks forward to the next chapters of his life and looks forward to those challenges that lie ahead.

“I’m not one to really get emotional or kind of look back on things,” said Stewart. “I keep my eyes focused on the task at hand, so senior night it was emotional for a lot of guys but for me I was like, ‘Hey we’ve got Cal next week.’ I didn’t really think too much about it.”

Cougar Cam: Christian Stewart

BYU quarterback Christian Stewart talks about facing the Cal defense this Saturday, and what the BYU offense hopes to do going into the game. He talks about the season and gives his thoughts about playing the last game of the regular season. He also talks about what's at stake this Saturday.

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