BYU Interested in New Hampshire Prospect

BYU’s coaching staff and Director of Player Personnel Geoff Martzen are casting a wide net in recruiting. They haveve extended their reach into the “Granite State” of New Hampshire where the staff has been taking a look at linebacker dominating in the region.

Bishop Guertin High School located in Nashua, New Hampshire is where a LDS outside linebacker/safety prospect is making some noise. His name is Chase Hughes and what he might lack in size he definitely makes up in heart.

“I’m 6-0, 205-pounds,” said Hughes. “I know I can get a little bigger and I’m a little undersized for my position, but that doesn’t scare me and I can run and drop back into coverage. I also play some safety here and there. It’s not always about the size but the kind of plays you make.

“During my sophomore year I really worked hard on my pass coverage in the off-season. This past year I had seven pass breakups and four interceptions. I feel like I definitely had gotten better in some areas. In the run game I had 10 tackles for a loss and 114 total tackles for the season. I feel like I can run with those speedy running backs and even chase them down if I have to.”

Originally from Utah, Chase Hughes moved with his family to New Hampshire due to his father’s work circumstances. The Hughes family is LDS and Chase Hughes even has a sister that currently attends BYU.

“Yeah, our whole family is LDS and I have an older sister that is going to go to BYU, but she’s currently serving a mission right now,” said Chase Hughes. “BYU has kind of been in the family blood.”

The reason Hughes is hoping BYU pulls the trigger on a scholarship comes down to the basic tenets of religious affiliation.

“I’m looking for a scholarship from BYU in the future because I just feel like that would be a great place for me to end up,” Hughes said. “I’m a LDS kid that’s grown up in New Hampshire where there aren’t many LDS kids, so to go to BYU where there are a lot of LDS kids would be great for me. Serving a mission is the number one priority for me, and I know the coaches at BYU look for student athletes that want to serve a mission and that’s something my parents want for me as well. I just think the religious support found at BYU would be a great thing for me in my life and that’s why I love BYU.”

Along with BYU, Hughes is also hearing from a couple other FBS programs as well as an FCS from the state of Utah.

“I’ve gotten a lot of interest from Purdue and from UConn as well,” said Hughes. “I’ve also gotten some interest from Weber State as well. I’m sort of a little late in the recruiting process, but things are now slowly beginning to pick up.”

The BYU coach that’s been in contact with Chase Hughes quite a bit is middle linebackers coach Paul Tidwell. Hughes said he and Tidwell have developed a very strong relationship through recruiting.

“Well, me and Coach Tidwell have definitely gotten to know each other over the past BYU football camps over the past few summers,” said Hughes. “I’ve been named the most outstanding player by the coach’s outlook, so I’ve formed a great relationship with Coach Tidwell and we’re seeing how things go.

“This off-season is very important and I’m hoping to get a scholarship and we’re working things out right now. I look forward to working with him in the summer and I’ll be heading to some camps this summer to increase my potential.”

Interestingly enough, Hughes father was recruited by Coach Tidwell when Tidwell was the head coach for Snow Community College. Brian Hughes elected to go to Ricks College instead but eventually found his way to BYU.

“Coach Tidwell was coaching at a different school at the time my dad was in high school,” said Chase Hughes. “My dad didn’t play for Coach Tidwell and went to Ricks College up in Idaho instead. Then he went and served a mission and came back and played for BYU from 1992-94, but Coach Tidwell built up a good relationship with my dad back then.”

While Hughes doesn’t have a scholarship offer from BYU at this point in time he’s hoping his hard work and further physical development will earn him that coveted opportunity in the near future.

“Coach Tidwell is all about speed and he wants speed on his defense,” said Hughes. “He also said he wants a physical characteristic so the defense can be fast and physical, so those are definitely something he’s looking for. He told me to get my speed up and my weight up. I also talked to former BYU outside linebacker Spencer Hadley and he said the weight room was the ticket.

“That’s one thing I learned from him and Coach Tidwell. At the college level everyone is big, strong, and fast. That means I have to put on some weight and get my speed up so I can get around the edges at the next level. It’s important especially for someone who plays outside linebacker. That’s what I’m working on so we’ll see.” will continue to monitor the recruitment of Chase Hughes over the next couple seasons and will update you with any news of a scholarship offer or otherwise.

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