Snow OT Bolles Commits to BYU

Garett Bolles was offered today and it didn’t take long for him to commit. The Snow College left tackle received a scholarship offer from Bronco Mendenhall today and instantly accepted it locking up one his spot in the 2016 recruiting class.

Today, BYU extended an offer to Snow College offensive tackle Garett Bolles. The offer from Coach Mendenhall is truly a dream come true for him.

“Me and BYU go way back with my family,” said Bolles. “It’s a place where my family had played. It’s a dream come true for me and I’ve always wanted to become a Cougar. I’m just so excited to become a part of the BYU Cougar family and didn’t think it was going to come so fast. It happened so quickly and I’m grateful for the coaching staff and all that BYU has offered me.”

A native of Lehi, Utah, Bolles was being pursued by BYU back in high school. However, he wasn’t able to qualify for the NCAA Clearinghouse out of Westlake High School but that didn’t stop BYU. They asked him to attend Snow College with the intent of recruiting him again in the near future.

“Actually BYU sent me down to Snow because I was a non-qualifier out of high school,” Bolles said. “I wasn’t expecting to play and it sort of happened so soon. I came off my mission and knew that it was something that I needed to put to work because BYU was talking to me about it.

“I went down to Snow and worked my butt off and started at left tackle. It was just a great season and wonderful experience for me. Ever since then Coach Tujague came down and watched me and I had been in contact with them and talking to them more, more, and more. Eventually Coach Tujague loved me and we began to bond. It was a great experience to be a part of that and have Coach Tujague come after you. Now I’m a Cougar.”

In the end it all worked out for big Garrett Bolles and the BYU coaching staff. BYU came calling after his first year of JUCO ball seeing what they once saw in him at the high school level now being displayed at the junior college ranks.

“Well, I’m 6-6, 290-pounds and have a big frame to add weight, so I want to be around 300-pounds by the time I get to BYU,” said Bolles. “This is my first year of playing offensive lineman. When I went down to Snow they switched me from defensive lineman to offensive lineman and I love it a lot. I love playing O-line.

“I love protecting the quarterback’s blindside. I love the adrenaline rush and being able to picking up blitzes and run out and be in front of my running back and put people on the ground. I play nasty and I’m willing to bring my nastiness to BYU and to continue to improve their program. In the end it’s about enjoying the day together and enjoy being a nasty Cougar.”

Off the field Bolles is a missionary at heart, but on the field for him it’s a different kind of “laying on of hands.” The opportunity for him to bring his nasty on-field style of play is a dream come true.

“Oh definitely,” he said. “This is a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to become a Cougar so I have a lot to play for. It’s just a great opportunity for me to support my family and put my name on the map and start my own dynasty. I’m grateful for all the love and support of my family and the Cougar family. I’m just excited for the opportunity and never thought it would happen this quickly.”

BYU offered Bolles today and it didn’t take long for him to accept the offer from Coach Mendenhall.

“BYU offered me today and I committed today,” said Bolles still excited about what occurred earlier on today. “This is something special to me. Seeing how beautiful BYU’s campus is, with the mountains, and it being close to home, and I’m a Utah boy and I’ll always be one. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to be a BYU Cougar.”

Receiving his offer in the office of Bronco Mendenhall was an experience Bolles will never forget. Once he knew he had the offer he quickly made a phone call to his mother.

“Me and Bronco Mendenhall had a great experience together today, and Coach Anae and Coach Tujague were in the room too,” said Bolles. “I love all three of them and I’m excited to bring something to BYU.

“After I was offered I called my mom. I’m a momma’s boy. I called my mom, because she’s on her way down to St. George, and I was in tears. Bronco and my mom discussed some things and it was just something we both came up with and so there it is. I committed then to Coach Mendenhall. It’s an early family present to everybody.”

After Bronco and Garett Bolles’ mother spoke on the phone, he committed to BYU’s head coach. The process was as simple as eating apple pie.

“I’m just excited to be a part of the BYU family,” said Bolles. “I look forward to everyone cheering for me as I run out of the tunnel. Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!”

Having only played one year at Snow College, Bolles has one more year left to play and will sign at BYU in 2016.

“I’ll have three years to play two,” Bolles said. “I’ll be down at Snow for two years and still have one more year to play so I can get my AA Degree. I’ll the graduate from Snow with a degree and then come up and play at BYU of fall of 2016. I still have one more year of football to play at Snow since I’m a non-qualifier. I have to graduate from Snow so I’ll play one more year at Snow. Then I’ll come out to BYU after I graduate. It’s an honor to play at BYU and I’m excited and grateful things have worked out for me this quickly.”

Congratulations to Garett Bolles on his commitment and welcome to the worldwide family fan base a part of BYU football. will continue to monitor his progression over the next year at Snow College.

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