Skyler Southam Talks BYU Commitment

BYU has enjoyed the kicking prowess of punter Scott Arellano, who has performed admirably this season as a senior. BYU has a commit from a kicker for the 2016 class. Although he still has another year of high school before graduating, Skyler Southam is already considered among the top kickers in the country.

Last season Wasatch High School (Heber, UT) Kicker/Punter Skyler Southam averaged nearly 50 yards per punt (48.4) and 68 yard kickoff average with 20 going for touchbacks out of 23 attempts. He’s also converted 81 of 82 career PATS for the Wasatch.

“I also play safety too but my scholarship for BYU is for kicking and punting,” Southam said. “They offered me around June 13, 2014. I committed to them pretty much on the spot because they told me that if I had performed well at [their] camp that they would offer me. I just kind of thought about it and kind of made the decision beforehand that BYU is where I wanted to go. When they offered me that’s when I kind of committed on the spot.”

The recruiting process for Southam started when he reached out to BYU and expressed interest. Kelly Poppinga let Southam know that BYU was interested in his kicking abilities and invited him to a BYU camp and workout.

“Kind of how my recruiting got started was I contacted Coach Poppinga,” Southam said. “I asked them what their interest was and all that. He said they were interested through my info from Chris Sailer and some camps I do for ranking for kicking. I called him and he just told me that he was interested in me. I did a workout with Coach Tidwell, and they thought that I looked pretty good. I went to the junior elite day camp at BYU, and that was when they offered me a scholarship to go to BYU.”

After attending some of the more prestigious kicking camps, Southam is ranked among the top kickers in the country for underclassmen.

“Through Chris Sailer who does a lot of camps and through his camps I’m ranked number one in the country, so when BYU saw that I think it really peaked their interest,” said Southam. “I also do another camp series with Michael Husted and that’s called NCS (National Camp Series) and I’m highly ranked there too.

“I think a lot of my interest came from my ranking and my kickoffs are really consistent and strong. I think they really want someone who can be consistent and accurate in field goals and kick the same ball over and over again with good technique. I can also kick off the ground. Most kids, especially juniors in high school, don’t kick off the ground. That’s something I can already do.”

Southam watched BYU’s kicking game closely this season and was impressed with punter Scott Arellano.

“Scott Arellano did really well this year and he had an impressive year,” said Southam. “He had a really good year this year. I think a lot of kicking has to do with consistency, and Arellano has been really good with being consistent in his punts and kicking. He’s really good and I think I can bring that consistency and kicking ability to BYU’s program in the future. I’m excited.”

Southam will serve an LDS mission following high school graduation and then will attend BYU following the completion of his missionary service. will continue to track Southam through his remaining prep eligibility.

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