Trent Hosick Opens Up His Recruitment

Former University of Missouri Tiger, and current Arizona Western Matador quarterback, Trent Hosick, is opening up his recruitment after being committed to BYU for some time now. His reasons for doing so are simple. He simply wants to make sure BYU is his best option.

Trent Hosick will graduate this December and have three years of eligibility to play three seasons of college football. He’s looking for a college home where he can come in and have the best opportunity to play as soon as possible. Hosick believed there was a good chance that Taysom Hill could have left BYU for the NFL following the 2014 season.

With Hill’s junior season ending in injury, forcing him to come back for his senior year, Hosick was left wondering if BYU would be the best place for him to showcase his talents given the limited time he has left to play college football.

“Yeah, it’s not that I don’t think I can come in and think I can help, but even if I played better than Taysom, which you know Taysom is a phenomenal player, in the spring he’s a team leader and a Heisman candidate,” said Hosick. “He needs to play either way. Also when Tanner [Mangum] comes in, BYU will have three guys coming in that could potentially be starting somewhere else, which is a good problem for BYU. For me I just need to evaluate everything I can and see what’s best for me and my family.”

The BYU coaching staff has informed Hosick that they still want him as a part of their program and to compete for a starting spot in the near future. Because of the expected return of Hill, Hosick is reevaluating and has opened up his recruitment.

“They told me that they still really want me, which is nice and based off of what I see as opposed to just searching to bring a guy in,” said Hosick. “They still want me but I told them that I was wanting to find a place where I could go [play] and evaluate all the options I have.

“I felt like there were some people that would probably be interested in me, but it’s just about one pulling the trigger because I’ve been committed to BYU for so long. So, I opened up my recruiting Sunday night and yesterday I talked to Ole Miss for an hour and Coach Werner is going to come up and watch me throw next week. Michigan has called and got my transcripts and that was all on my first day.”

At this current time BYU is the only college that has offered Hosick a full ride scholarship, so he hasn’t decommitted from Coach Mendenhall’s program and considers himself a ‘soft verbal.’

“I would say it’s a soft verbal right now,” said Hosick. “BYU has been there for me and been recruiting me, so at this point they’re my only offer, so it wouldn’t be good to decommit from the only school that’s offered me at this point. I have a feeling that might change soon but it hasn’t yet.”

The question of what would have to happen for Hosick to eventually follow through and sign with BYU is based on a few criteria. Just because a college offers him a scholarship doesn’t mean he’s going to automatically commit to that college. He’ll take a thorough look to see if the college is a better fit, see what his playing time options are and then go from there.

“Well, here is what would have to happen,” Hosick said. “I would look around and as I’m looking and if I get three or four, or who knows how many offers, and look at the offer and that doesn’t mean that it’s a fit. It just has to be the right fit. In order for me to stay with BYU the schools that come calling, you know, I would say that I would have to have a better shot at playing at BYU than the other schools that call, and it has to be the right situation for me and fit.” will continue to stay in contact with and monitor Trent Hosick’s recruitment and update when other scholarship offers come his way.

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